Good Luck to All Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon Warriors!

Nearly a year had passed when I had the chance to run this prestigious ultramarathon event.  And on Sunday, March 4, another batch of Bataan Death March runners will brave the same path to honor the memory of our WWII brave fallen soldiers.  To all ultra marathon runners in this race, I wish you allContinue reading “Good Luck to All Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon Warriors!”

4,000 KM Reached

Just hit the 4,000-km mark only last week, 2 kilometers past my target on February 7.  I  guess I have my Garmin watch to thank for.  Makes things easier.  Originally planned to reach this distance before 2010 ends but for some reason or other, it took sometime.  Had I run this distance continuously, I would have run fromContinue reading “4,000 KM Reached”

2011 in Pictures

Recapping my 2011’s posts and great moments in the sport of running through images.     In summary, RUNNING DIVA finished the Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon, Cebu City and Condura Skyway Run for Dolphins marathons, a 32-kilometer run, two half marathons, 2-mile barefoot race, and joined fun runs like the Nike We Run Manila, AdoboContinue reading “2011 in Pictures”

Macau Marathon: an Unfinished Business

Fast Forward … KM 35   I knew I didn’t have much time after glancing at my Garmin FR 305. So when the Chinese speaking race official raised both his hands signaling me to stop, I was not surprised at all. There was no way I could beat the cut off time even if IContinue reading “Macau Marathon: an Unfinished Business”

Missed Reaching the Finish Line!

Happy to get her race kit Photo Courtesy of Carlos Serrano Yes, a first time for Running Diva not to reach the finish line.  Definitely not because she gave up during the race.  The experience of running her first international marathon outside the country was kind of overwhelming for her.     It was aContinue reading “Missed Reaching the Finish Line!”

RUN United Leg 3: Running the Afroman Distance the Second Time Around

Courtesy of JpegMendoza and Deemenrunner The Afroman distance was one of the races I looked forward to running this year. Completing the trilogy was no longer my goal since I already did that in 2010. And as race date got nearer, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Well, it has been months since my BDM 102Continue reading “RUN United Leg 3: Running the Afroman Distance the Second Time Around”

What a Runner Can Do to Make Mother Earth Happy

I saw this advisory from our e-group posted by fellow Happy Feet James R. (thank you James for the heads up) and I was really elated by this news. However, I didn’t get to post this good news right away since I waited first for GO signal or clearance from Mr. Terry Larrazabal. In hisContinue reading “What a Runner Can Do to Make Mother Earth Happy”

A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark

When this event was launched, I knew then that I wanted to try joining, this time running in costume.  Haven’t done this before, you know.  But my dilemma is finding the appropriate costume.  Appropriate means a costume that’s not hard to put on when running or worn over a running gear.  The first thing I did wasContinue reading “A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark”

Adidas King of the Road 2011 Half Marathon Race Review

I had my first taste of running Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) race in 2005.  Until now I still have their fuschia colored singlet, not only one but two since I also participated their races in 2007 where Gawad Kalinga was the beneficiary of that event and during the KOTR Finals.  It was alsoContinue reading “Adidas King of the Road 2011 Half Marathon Race Review”

Nike We Run Manila: The Reds

After such a long hiatus from racing, it was a comeback for me to run in short distances such as the recently held Nike We Run Manila 10K.  My goal for this race was to test whether my speed work training has improved my running pace.  Running in ultra distances has changed my pace sinceContinue reading “Nike We Run Manila: The Reds”