Run United 1 Finisher, 16 March 2014

Who would have expected I get a complimentary 21km race kit considering registration for this particular distance had closed in just two days?  Well, lucky enough to get a slot through Que and Jinoe, site owners, who registered me in this race. I was one of the 5,000 runners for the half marathon aloneContinue reading “Run United 1 Finisher, 16 March 2014”

CIHM Finisher (4th : 2014 : Corregidor Island, Cavite City)

Finally, a post from me!  Been such a long time! No christmas nor new year greeting, no running recap for 2013, not even a countdown.  Oh well, just one of those days when sometimes we just have to cut ourselves some slack. Late post but still wishing everyone a blessed 2014! On Joining and FinishingContinue reading “CIHM Finisher (4th : 2014 : Corregidor Island, Cavite City)”

Corregidor International Half Marathon 2012 Launched

The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) which is organized and managed by Big, Big, Big, Inc. was launched last Thursday night, October 11 attended by media people including runner-bloggers.       This year’s edition dubbed as Showdown on the Rock is expected to intensify a runner’s competitive spirit.  Notable changes are also expected toContinue reading “Corregidor International Half Marathon 2012 Launched”

Newbie 101: Races Here, There, and Everywhere

2009 Timex Run -21K Race Among newbie runners, the next question would be “How many races are considered too many?” When I started racing five or six years ago, there were not too many races on a certain date (or weekend). At the most only two to three races to choose from. It was way tooContinue reading “Newbie 101: Races Here, There, and Everywhere”

Adidas King of the Road 2011 Half Marathon Race Review

I had my first taste of running Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) race in 2005.  Until now I still have their fuschia colored singlet, not only one but two since I also participated their races in 2007 where Gawad Kalinga was the beneficiary of that event and during the KOTR Finals.  It was alsoContinue reading “Adidas King of the Road 2011 Half Marathon Race Review”

Runrio Trilogy Leg 2. Run United 2: My 16th Half Marathon

Caught off guard. Yes, that was what I felt when I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger, Vimz a.k.a. Kulit Runner, reminding me where and when to claim the race kit for the Run United 2. I totally forgot about this particular race since I was looking forward to the upcoming Run United provincialContinue reading “Runrio Trilogy Leg 2. Run United 2: My 16th Half Marathon”

The Runrio Trilogy Awards Night, March 1

From its inception, I knew then that I wanted to complete the trilogy. And so I did. The Runrio Awards Night was Coach Rio’s way of giving back to runners who have conquered the three main events dubbed as 21K-21K-32K.  It was a night fit for stars.   From the red carpet, photo wall, to stageContinue reading “The Runrio Trilogy Awards Night, March 1”

Look Who’s Dancing

“Dancing and running shake up the chemistry of happiness.” – Mason Cooley “I gotta a feeling that tonight’s gonna a be a good night, that tonight’s gonna be a good, good, night, that tonight’s gonna be a good night hooo hooo,” my fave line from a Black Eyed Peas’ popular song. I considered it asContinue reading “Look Who’s Dancing”

The QCIM Experience: Let’s Pace It!

Friday Night: Carbo Loading Party and Pacers Orientation Going to Quezon City was quite difficult, especially, on a Friday night. Thanks to Neil a.k.a. Crash Burn for the ride. But who would like to miss this event? It took me sometime to post this entry, as I myself was quite overwhelmed that night. For me,Continue reading “The QCIM Experience: Let’s Pace It!”

Runners Help Build Homes

Filipino running community is very much alive. As what owner said, “unlike other sports, running creates community and it will stay longer and stronger.” Building a stronger community depends on each one of us. If we really try to see beyond the negative things, we see a much improved and innovative race organizing. RunContinue reading “Runners Help Build Homes”