1st Empire Angkor Marathon 2014 Race Report

Dreams Do Come True I have wanted to go to Cambodia from the time when I saw the movies Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones were filmed there.  Well, I do appreciate history and reading books will take you to endless places in the world.  And Cambodia is one of those places.  TEMPLE RUN17 Aug. 2014SiemContinue reading “1st Empire Angkor Marathon 2014 Race Report”

38th National MILO® Marathon Finisher

27 July 2014 — Joining the MILO® marathon this year was not part of my game plan.  But I guess fate intervened when I suddenly found myself invited during the event launch and signed up for the full distance. Later that day, I got to thinking how I would tackle the full distance within the six-hour cut-offContinue reading “38th National MILO® Marathon Finisher”

MILO® Celebrates 50 Years as a Brand with 38th National Marathon

  50 Years as a Brand and the 38th National Marathon Milo       To build a nation of champions,                One child, one sport at a time. In 1974, the brand’s first ever sports event-the MILO® Marathon was launched.  With only 747 runners from a single race, it’sContinue reading “MILO® Celebrates 50 Years as a Brand with 38th National Marathon”

Explosions Rocked 2013 Boston Marathon

I was surprised to see the news on TV early this morning. This is a gloomy day for all runners and organizations around the world.  In a moment of silence, please join me in praying for those who have perished and been injured (and still fighting for their lives) and the solving of the blast incidents at the BostonContinue reading “Explosions Rocked 2013 Boston Marathon”

For the Love of RUnning: My Run United Philippine Marathon Experience

Commitment.  Lifestyle.  Perserverance.  Discipline.  Determination.  Passion.  Courage.  Motivation.  Fun.  Wellness.  Confidence.  Fitness.  Health.  Strength.  Inspiration.  Family.  Friends.  Active.  Personal goal.  These are the words written on the front side of the shirt, the loyalty running shirt given to runners who have completed the Run United (RU) series this year and couldn’t be luckier to haveContinue reading “For the Love of RUnning: My Run United Philippine Marathon Experience”

Running Kota Kinabalu: the Borneo International Marathon 2012

6 May 2012 — Marathon running during the first quarter and by the end of the year, I think, is pretty achievable.  I wanted to try running a full marathon or an ultramarathon in Singapore for the past two years, but the opportunity kept eluding me.  Either the time to go there was not right or thatContinue reading “Running Kota Kinabalu: the Borneo International Marathon 2012”

A Chock-full and Colorful Tidbits Taken from Born to Run Book

I kept notes while reading the Born to Run book, and also wrote down some of its interesting things, line of thoughts, facts, quotes, etc. in my journal.   I’d encourage you to read this book.  It’s a fantastic read!    Here’s a list of those, mostly to let you see a glimpse of whatContinue reading “A Chock-full and Colorful Tidbits Taken from Born to Run Book”

Macau Marathon: an Unfinished Business

Fast Forward … KM 35   I knew I didn’t have much time after glancing at my Garmin FR 305. So when the Chinese speaking race official raised both his hands signaling me to stop, I was not surprised at all. There was no way I could beat the cut off time even if IContinue reading “Macau Marathon: an Unfinished Business”

Missed Reaching the Finish Line!

Happy to get her race kit Photo Courtesy of Carlos Serrano Yes, a first time for Running Diva not to reach the finish line.  Definitely not because she gave up during the race.  The experience of running her first international marathon outside the country was kind of overwhelming for her.     It was aContinue reading “Missed Reaching the Finish Line!”

Started the Year by Running a Marathon

“Race through the streets and colors of Cebu,” a message inscribed on a mango-shaped medal. I signed up for this race sometime in October 2010. I was also excited since I haven’t visited Cebu for the past 11 years. The Cebu City Marathon (CCM) was my first race for the year. However, on race day,Continue reading “Started the Year by Running a Marathon”