Race Against Cancer: a Race Report

Due to a previous engagement, I had to beg off from joining this race last Saturday.  Anyhow, I’m happy to share with you dear readers and followers of this blog the report on the race from Maida Pulido, Huper International Creative and Corporate Communications Director, who mentioned that the event was a huge success.  KudosContinue reading “Race Against Cancer: a Race Report”

Race Against Raze 2 Race Kit Raffle Winners

Not three but four!  Yes, you have read it right.  Decided to include another 5K kit in the raffle as additional giveaway. Congratulations to the following readers for winning FREE “Race Against Raze” race kit!  Readers and Distance Category RYAN HALAGNA 3K JHUDANN PRECILLAS 5K RONALDO DAMASCO NILLUSGUIN 5K RHOZALLINO RAMONES 10K All winners willContinue reading “Race Against Raze 2 Race Kit Raffle Winners”

A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark

When this event was launched, I knew then that I wanted to try joining, this time running in costume.  Haven’t done this before, you know.  But my dilemma is finding the appropriate costume.  Appropriate means a costume that’s not hard to put on when running or worn over a running gear.  The first thing I did wasContinue reading “A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark”

Globe Run for Home 2010

Globe Run for Home 2009 was my best half marathon time. Last month, I aimed to beat it but the new race route and the extra distance stopped me from getting a new PR. I was running late. Well, almost. While running Makati Avenue, on my way to the race venue, I was thinking, “howContinue reading “Globe Run for Home 2010”

Help Others Help Themselves

L-R: Rene a.k.a. Jazzrunner, yours truly, Glenn a.k.a. Sean Williams, and Master Mon (Photo Courtesy of Rene) Charity runs are always close to my heart. After all, it was also during a charity run where my love for running started five years ago. Let It Shine Foundation sent me an invite for a bloggers meetingContinue reading “Help Others Help Themselves”

Race Course Accuracy: What About It?

Within my two-year stint of racing locally, I’m no longer surprise to hear complaints or disappointments from either fun runners or the hardcore ones. Could’t blame them. After all they did train and prepare for it. Some kept tab on their personal records. Others, being their first, wanted it to be a legitimate one. SomeContinue reading “Race Course Accuracy: What About It?”

Mommy MilkShake Year 3

I intentionally didn’t register for Mommy Milkshake this year to give way to other runners. But a nagging thought kept telling me to join so just two days before the race, decided to call the organizer (crossing my fingers) hoping to get a slot. However, I was told by the staff that registration was alreadyContinue reading “Mommy MilkShake Year 3”

Runners Help Build Homes

Filipino running community is very much alive. As what Takbo.ph owner said, “unlike other sports, running creates community and it will stay longer and stronger.” Building a stronger community depends on each one of us. If we really try to see beyond the negative things, we see a much improved and innovative race organizing. RunContinue reading “Runners Help Build Homes”

Condura 2009: Skyway Conquered

Condura mania was really in the air. A total of 6,243 runners registered in this race. In my previous post, I mentioned my goals for this run. First, to have fun. Second, to beat my Adidas KOTR Personal Record (PR). Third, to reach the finish line. Did I achieve all of them? Definitely, a YESContinue reading “Condura 2009: Skyway Conquered”

Happy Run, 25 Jan. 2009

What does it take to make some people to feel happy? First, find out what they appreciate. This requires attention to the other person. Second, take time to know what they enjoy. Sometimes it’s easy for us to get lost with our busy lives that we fail to notice it. It takes a lot ofContinue reading “Happy Run, 25 Jan. 2009”