4,000 KM Reached

Just hit the 4,000-km mark only last week, 2 kilometers past my target on February 7.  I  guess I have my Garmin watch to thank for.  Makes things easier.  Originally planned to reach this distance before 2010 ends but for some reason or other, it took sometime. 

Had I run this distance continuously, I would have run from Antartica to Africa or run the moon, which is about 4,000km in diameter or finish the Tour de France, which is a 22-day, 20-stage road race between 3,000-4000km in length, a race which approximately covers the whole of France … and the saga about the 4000km feat continues.  A far-fetched story, of course. 
Anyway, I wouldn’t have gone this far, this 4,000-km mark, if not for the people who have touched me in some ways, both virtually and face to face.  And what I’m referring to are the friends, runners, bloggers, visitors, readers, and followers of this blog.  I would like to thank all of you, most especially, to the 32 “loyal” readers/followers of this blog.
Many thanks also to my feet (and body) for allowing me to reach this distance. 
Looking forward to reaching another 1,000 kilometers!

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