Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event

25 March 2012 – Personally busy with other things and for some reason, I totally had forgotten about checking the time for the 5K race. I blogged about this event yet here I was not remembering either the assembly time or the gun time, oh well, my bad, I said to myself. Based from previousContinue reading “Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event”

My 5K Race Against Raze at the Bonifacio Global City

18 March 2012 – I arrived at the venue very early, with enough time to leisurely walk towards the starting line. Along the way I passed lots of runners. They must be 16Kers, the first group to take off in the race. From afar, I could hear the emcee made a few words welcoming theContinue reading “My 5K Race Against Raze at the Bonifacio Global City”

A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark

When this event was launched, I knew then that I wanted to try joining, this time running in costume.  Haven’t done this before, you know.  But my dilemma is finding the appropriate costume.  Appropriate means a costume that’s not hard to put on when running or worn over a running gear.  The first thing I did wasContinue reading “A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark”

Newbie 101: The 5K Run

Running in a 5K race in 2007 after a year of hiatus from training, mind you, I could hardly reach the finish line.  Without proper training, a five-kilometer run wouldn’t be that easy.     Recently I came across two websites that discuss how the 5km races help one’s fitness and motivate runners to trainContinue reading “Newbie 101: The 5K Run”

Women’s Health: Athena Milk for Women Join Forces for their First All Women’s Run

While more marathons and fun runs are created to cater to everyone who loves to run, it is still quite unusual to stage a run exclusively for women. This is precisely why Women’s Health Philippines and Athena Milk for Women decided to team up for their first All Women’s Run held last March 19, Saturday,Continue reading “Women’s Health: Athena Milk for Women Join Forces for their First All Women’s Run”

Fun Run, June 23, 2008

Receiving my award of assorted groceries. Woohoo! With some of my HR colleagues A pose with our proud HR managers, Sirs Jay & Eli Winners (age category): Rodel, Abby, me, Thelma Stopped running for almost three weeks. This is my practice run after being busy practicing dance steps/choreography prior to our upcoming benefit concert. IContinue reading “Fun Run, June 23, 2008”

Go Marino, Go! A FAME Fun Run, September 23, 2007

Aargh! This is the second time around that I didn’t do well in my run. Instead of improving it, it’s getting worse instead. The culprit? Not getting enough sleep the night before–too excited to know what’s going to happen and anxious at the same time whether I can finish the race or not. I endContinue reading “Go Marino, Go! A FAME Fun Run, September 23, 2007”

Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Marathon, 4 August

Woke up feeling so tired today for not sleeping early the night before and wondering whether to join the milkshake run or not. I had to drag myself down to text Ben for a ride to the Fort. I had to do it quickly because I was only given 30 minutes to prepare and beContinue reading “Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Marathon, 4 August”

Victory Lap, July 15

A 5k fun run dubbed as 911: Marathon for Life sponsored by e-PLDT Ortigas Branch, part of their Give-a-Life-Program. While waiting for the race to start, one experienced runner said to me, “You will win this race.” Of course, I was apprehensive. My focus zeroed in only on finishing the race. That’s it! A supposedContinue reading “Victory Lap, July 15”