What a Runner Can Do to Make Mother Earth Happy

I saw this advisory from our e-group posted by fellow Happy Feet James R. (thank you James for the heads up) and I was really elated by this news. However, I didn’t get to post this good news right away since I waited first for GO signal or clearance from Mr. Terry Larrazabal. In his e-mail he wrote, “Thank you very much for helping spread the news. We figure it’ll help create awareness so people just don’t throw away their empty packets.” 
Thank you, too, Sir Goyo for these initiatives.
So what’s the good news? Convert your empty GU/Roctane empty packets for new gels for FREE!  Yes, you\’ve read it right.  Make Mother Earth happy by practicing this eco-friendly habit (not throwing empty packets anywhere) when running.
Bike Town Cyclery is offering this to help save the environment and encourage cyclists, runners, athletes not to throw away their empty gel packets, thus offering a way to convert these empty GU and Roctane packets for new GU and Roctane gels for FREE! 
How to get the free gels, just follow these simple steps:
~ Save your empty or used GU and Roctane packets.  
~ Bring the empty packets to this store address:
Bike Town Cyclery 
2240 Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo), 
Makati City
T: (02) 387.2173
E: pinoybikes@gmail.com
~ Turnover the empty packets for new GU and Roctane gels to shop personnel
~ Conversion: 
3 empty GU packets = 1 GU gel 
3 empty Roctane packets = 1 Roctane gel
~ You can mix, match, and combine GU flavors and Roctane flavors separately, but you can’t mix Roctane and GU flavors together
This offer is only good from November 1 to December 1, 2011, or until supply lasts, whichever is earlier.

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