Photoholic Baguio and Panagbenga 2013

I have been to Baguio quite a number of times that I knew my way around there.  Thanks to previous races and visits.  These really helped.   When running became a top priority, singing with the choir took a backseat.  Thus, it has been a while since the last time I saw some of my choirmates.  I recompensedContinue reading “Photoholic Baguio and Panagbenga 2013”

Running Kota Kinabalu: the Borneo International Marathon 2012

6 May 2012 — Marathon running during the first quarter and by the end of the year, I think, is pretty achievable.  I wanted to try running a full marathon or an ultramarathon in Singapore for the past two years, but the opportunity kept eluding me.  Either the time to go there was not right or thatContinue reading “Running Kota Kinabalu: the Borneo International Marathon 2012”

Macau Marathon: an Unfinished Business

Fast Forward … KM 35   I knew I didn’t have much time after glancing at my Garmin FR 305. So when the Chinese speaking race official raised both his hands signaling me to stop, I was not surprised at all. There was no way I could beat the cut off time even if IContinue reading “Macau Marathon: an Unfinished Business”

Missed Reaching the Finish Line!

Happy to get her race kit Photo Courtesy of Carlos Serrano Yes, a first time for Running Diva not to reach the finish line.  Definitely not because she gave up during the race.  The experience of running her first international marathon outside the country was kind of overwhelming for her.     It was aContinue reading “Missed Reaching the Finish Line!”

On Rest Mode and Enjoying Summer

I know.  I haven’t run races lately.  Not even a practice run.  Well, after finishing the Bataan Death March 102 Ultramarathon two months ago all I wanted to do is just rest.  And rest for me is savoring sleep and eat what I want. No run and just doing what I love doing, that is,Continue reading “On Rest Mode and Enjoying Summer”

Winter WonderRUN, 14 Dec. 2008

It was 6AM and yet it looked like 5AM back home. I shivered against the cold as I went out of the hotel. This was my first winter practice run. My route would be from my hotel to Nathan Road, the main thoroughfare in Kowloon, Hong Kong to Victoria Harbour. The harbour is simply theContinue reading “Winter WonderRUN, 14 Dec. 2008”