Run United 1 Finisher, 16 March 2014

Who would have expected I get a complimentary 21km race kit considering registration for this particular distance had closed in just two days?  Well, lucky enough to get a slot through Que and Jinoe, site owners, who registered me in this race. I was one of the 5,000 runners for the half marathon aloneContinue reading “Run United 1 Finisher, 16 March 2014”

An Awardee: a Recognition that Never Was

The  unused Mardi Gras mask with materials carefully selected by yours truly for this event  I laud RunRio for its noble cause—giving back to runners and recognizing their achievements in a ceremony prepared solely for them.  But no matter how small or grand an awarding ceremony is, missing out a small detail such as a nameContinue reading “An Awardee: a Recognition that Never Was”

Run United Trilogy Completed!

The pie is now complete. September 16 — Yes, I completed the trilogy again. The first one I did two or three years ago.   With barely three weeks left to get back into training plus a few short runs every now and then, I wasn’t sure how well I would do in this 32-kilometer race.  Continue reading “Run United Trilogy Completed!”

Run United 1. Runrio Trilogy 2012 Edition: My First Race for the Year

I always used my mobile phone as alarm clock, put it on vibrate, and kept it near me so it can wake me up. At 3AM, I had to literally drag myself out of bed feeling tired after doing house cleaning the day before. I was still moving like a zombie, when about 4AM IContinue reading “Run United 1. Runrio Trilogy 2012 Edition: My First Race for the Year”

RUN United Leg 3: Running the Afroman Distance the Second Time Around

Courtesy of JpegMendoza and Deemenrunner The Afroman distance was one of the races I looked forward to running this year. Completing the trilogy was no longer my goal since I already did that in 2010. And as race date got nearer, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Well, it has been months since my BDM 102Continue reading “RUN United Leg 3: Running the Afroman Distance the Second Time Around”

Runrio Trilogy Leg 2. Run United 2: My 16th Half Marathon

Caught off guard. Yes, that was what I felt when I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger, Vimz a.k.a. Kulit Runner, reminding me where and when to claim the race kit for the Run United 2. I totally forgot about this particular race since I was looking forward to the upcoming Run United provincialContinue reading “Runrio Trilogy Leg 2. Run United 2: My 16th Half Marathon”

The Runrio Trilogy Awards Night, March 1

From its inception, I knew then that I wanted to complete the trilogy. And so I did. The Runrio Awards Night was Coach Rio’s way of giving back to runners who have conquered the three main events dubbed as 21K-21K-32K.  It was a night fit for stars.   From the red carpet, photo wall, to stageContinue reading “The Runrio Trilogy Awards Night, March 1”