Run United 1. Runrio Trilogy 2012 Edition: My First Race for the Year

I always used my mobile phone as alarm clock, put it on vibrate, and kept it near me so it can wake me up. At 3AM, I had to literally drag myself out of bed feeling tired after doing house cleaning the day before. I was still moving like a zombie, when about 4AM IContinue reading “Run United 1. Runrio Trilogy 2012 Edition: My First Race for the Year”

The Runrio Trilogy Awards Night, March 1

From its inception, I knew then that I wanted to complete the trilogy. And so I did. The Runrio Awards Night was Coach Rio’s way of giving back to runners who have conquered the three main events dubbed as 21K-21K-32K.  It was a night fit for stars.   From the red carpet, photo wall, to stageContinue reading “The Runrio Trilogy Awards Night, March 1”

Done with Two, One More to Go

Nature Valley Run, 2nd leg of the Runrio Trilogy 30 May 2010 Photos by Lugs Borromeo and PhotovendoI couldn’t tell much what happened during the run. My heart was not really into it and I bet you knew why. I realized though that no matter how many times one traversed the same route, with notContinue reading “Done with Two, One More to Go”