Runrio Trilogy Leg 2. Run United 2: My 16th Half Marathon

Caught off guard. Yes, that was what I felt when I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger, Vimz a.k.a. Kulit Runner, reminding me where and when to claim the race kit for the Run United 2. I totally forgot about this particular race since I was looking forward to the upcoming Run United provincialContinue reading “Runrio Trilogy Leg 2. Run United 2: My 16th Half Marathon”

Running Diva Returns for QCIM’s Half Marathon Event as Pacer the Second Time Around

One of the best experiences I had last year was when I was invited as a lead pacer for a half marathon event, 2:30 pace group, during the first Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM). Overall, I was happy how that experience turned out. I was deeply thankful of my fellow pacers, Ebong and Gab akaContinue reading “Running Diva Returns for QCIM’s Half Marathon Event as Pacer the Second Time Around”

Done with Two, One More to Go

Nature Valley Run, 2nd leg of the Runrio Trilogy 30 May 2010 Photos by Lugs Borromeo and PhotovendoI couldn’t tell much what happened during the run. My heart was not really into it and I bet you knew why. I realized though that no matter how many times one traversed the same route, with notContinue reading “Done with Two, One More to Go”

A Weekend with Back-to-back Races

Greenfield Sunset Run, 21K, April 24 It was my first time to set foot at Greenfield Subdivision and noticed that race course was mostly flat, with a portion of asphalt, and the rest of the road was cement concrete pavement. Reaching the activity area, I saw a good number of runners already. While waiting forContinue reading “A Weekend with Back-to-back Races”

Paa-bilisan 21k in Baguio, 28 March

Every time there’s an invite to run in Baguio City, and as long as it goes well with my schedule, I do try to join, and most often consider it as practice run. When you’re in Baguio, its running event is totally a different experience, especially, when you’re from Manila. With its thin altitude, difficultContinue reading “Paa-bilisan 21k in Baguio, 28 March”

Globe Run for Home 2010

Globe Run for Home 2009 was my best half marathon time. Last month, I aimed to beat it but the new race route and the extra distance stopped me from getting a new PR. I was running late. Well, almost. While running Makati Avenue, on my way to the race venue, I was thinking, “howContinue reading “Globe Run for Home 2010”

One Down, Two More to Go

Approaching Finish Line I almost panicked upon hearing Lupang Hinirang being played while I was getting off from the taxi. I quickly scanned the venue for the location of the baggage area. “My, I’m late,” I said to myself. But I knew I had enough time before I left my place. How come the raceContinue reading “One Down, Two More to Go”

NB Power Race: Raising Hope

Who could forget this race? It was one Saturday morning, two months ago, when I received quite a number of text messages that it was not pushing through due to inclement weather. Tropical Storm Ondoy (international code name: Ketsana) struck, wreak havoc across Metro Manila and nearby provinces, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.Continue reading “NB Power Race: Raising Hope”

Time is Running for Recovery Run

Running a marathon can really drain one’s energy. That is, if it’s your first. Well, you don’t have to agree with me. There are those who are just too blessed with strength to run back to back marathons unscathed. I finished the full marathon injury free and I wanted it that way. L-R: Anton, ownerContinue reading “Time is Running for Recovery Run”

A Swarm of Yellow Runners

I experienced running my first half-marathon during the Adidas KOTR last year. This year, I signed up for another 21k KOTR race with the objective of beating my previous PR and treating it as a long run (adding 5k before the race and another 5k after). With fellow KOTR finishers from and Happy FeetContinue reading “A Swarm of Yellow Runners”