NB Power Race: Raising Hope

Who could forget this race? It was one Saturday morning, two months ago, when I received quite a number of text messages that it was not pushing through due to inclement weather. Tropical Storm Ondoy (international code name: Ketsana) struck, wreak havoc across Metro Manila and nearby provinces, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. The race was moved to 29 Nov.

Finally! The day has come!

One can feel the festive mood in the air. Having a few minutes to spare for a warm up, I couldn’t help but notice the different start/finish chutes for distance categories. Great! Another innovation.

Just a few meters away from the starting line, while chatting with some friends, I suddenly heard a sound signaling the start of the 21k race. Unlike in the previous races, where one could see speedsters right away, this time, it was different. Runners started in a more relaxed and slow pace. Some were even chatting and saying “hi” to one another. The race started on time, which was good.

I couldn’t say much about the route except that I like it, especially, the course somewhere at the back of S & R. Running the last four kilometers at Mckinley Hills can be quite daunting. I never get the chance to have a photo taken as memento for this race. Another race to remember, just like last year’s race at Clark. Overall, the race turned out so well.

I take my hats off to the organizer, the NB staff, sponsors, and the 7,000 runners in this event!

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