A Swarm of Yellow Runners

I experienced running my first half-marathon during the Adidas KOTR last year. This year, I signed up for another 21k KOTR race with the objective of beating my previous PR and treating it as a long run (adding 5k before the race and another 5k after).
With fellow KOTR finishers from Takbo.ph and Happy Feet running groups.
The plan didn’t happen the way I wanted it to be when I saw Master Mon at the starting line. In the past, I tried to pace with Mon but I just couldn’t sustain Mon’s speed. He was way too fast for me. I was so surprised with myself when I said to him that I would finish this race running with him—a test to my running prowess.

As we were running the ever-familiar Kalayaan EDSA flyover going to Buendia, I noticed not many familiar faces as most of my running friends were in Subic then for their first 10k, half-marathon, and full marathon. The flyover became a sea of yellow runners in the early morning. Seeing one familiar face that of Jimmy from Happy Feet Lost Command group along Buendia came as another surprise. Jimmy is a fast runner. I ended up with two veteran and fast runners. The two guys treated me so well. Mon didn’t leave me. Jimmy ran ahead every time we were almost near a water station to get us cups of water. That was so nice of Jimmy. It was indeed a good run for the three of us. I knew it was too slow for the both of them but they ran with me just the same. On the last few meters towards the finish line, Jimmy went ahead to meet a friend. Then Master Mon gave way to let me in the chute first. I beat my previous KOTR time. A million thanks to Mon and Jimmy.

(Photo Courtesy of Efren Antiporda)

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