Done with Two, One More to Go

Nature Valley Run, 2nd leg of the Runrio Trilogy
30 May 2010
Photos by Lugs Borromeo and PhotovendoI couldn’t tell much what happened during the run. My heart was not really into it and I bet you knew why.

I realized though that no matter how many times one traversed the same route, with not much rest and mileage for the week, finishing a race can be daunting, one way or another.

I even entertained the idea of not finishing it but to DNF (did not finish) is not part of my vocabulary as a runner.

As I was on my way toward Buendia-Kalayaan flyover, a good number of runners walked the whole stretch. An advantage of running slower than the usual race pace is you get to do or notice a lot of things.

For one, I did a high five with Running Shield, clapped my hands to cheer tired looking runners, and had the chance to pace with friends and acquaintances even for a few minutes. At the other side of the flyover, one of the runners, may be on his way back to The Fort, recognized me and shouted my moniker.

Also, I was amazed with friends, like Gail aka Gailcon, who even stopped and offered her energy drink bottle when she saw me coughing at the Kalayaan flyover. Thank you, Gail!

After the turnaround point, I ran the course slowly and climbed the flyover, which to my surprise, with not much effort at all.

The whole time it was a run-walk-run strategy for me. “You’re doing fine,” I said to myself.

As I was on my way to Heritage Park, I noticed majority of runners looked so tired and some were already walking at the Bayani-Heritage area. “If I maintain a slow yet steady pace it would be enough to get past through these throng of runners,” I said to myself.

That “pace”, by not stopping in any of the water stations, brought me to the finish line.

All 21K finishers received a finisher’s medal, a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, and a loot bag.

Done with the two “legs”, so what’s next?

On to the next leg of the RunRio Trilogy, the 32-kilometer race!

7 thoughts on “Done with Two, One More to Go

  1. I used to think walking during a race was like \”giving up\” but I learned it's less about running fast and more about crossing the finish line. Congratulations for your 21k finish. The medal looks good on your outfit. 😉


  2. I agree with what you've said Jayme. Like you I used to think that walking is a mortal sin but after reading a book written by Jeff Galloway it made me realize the importance of walking. And, when you're doing ultramarathon, walking is one of the best weapons. Yes, you can run fast if you like but again it all boils down to your goals why you are running in the first place. Thank you for the compliment and thanks, too, for dropping by. (\”,)


  3. You're right Rickyg. Yes, he did four walk breaks, which includes tying a shoe on one of them. He won the 1975 Boston Marathon.Walking gives the body to rest and you get to run comfortably again. I do my walk breaks every time I reach each water station. But during the NV race, I couldn't push myself to run that long due to common cold and cough. If you're not ill, it's better to walk when you want to and not when you're too tired.


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