Paa-bilisan 21k in Baguio, 28 March

Every time there’s an invite to run in Baguio City, and as long as it goes well with my schedule, I do try to join, and most often consider it as practice run. When you’re in Baguio, its running event is totally a different experience, especially, when you’re from Manila. With its thin altitude, difficultContinue reading “Paa-bilisan 21k in Baguio, 28 March”

Hilly Personal Milestone, 24 May 2009

Baguio… The word reminds me of a VSO friend’s funny experience as a volunteer in Zambia, Africa. In her blog, she related how she, as Filipino, was mistakenly identified as Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Irish, Russian, etc. There were some who used Filipino (finally!) but spelled as Philippino. The worst case was when she was calledContinue reading “Hilly Personal Milestone, 24 May 2009”

PAA-LIGSAHAN Takbong Pambansa 2009

On April 3, I had the opportunity to meet the people behind Botak Philippines. They hosted a lunch meeting with some of running bloggers to they can impart their Paa-Ligsahan Takbong Pambansa Running Program. Fellow runners take your pick! Here we go … Be part of the ultimate run, join a trailblazing event! PAA-LIGSAHAN TakbongContinue reading “PAA-LIGSAHAN Takbong Pambansa 2009”