Soleus 30-km Valley Trail Challenge Finisher

29 June 2014 — It’s about time… I normally try to avoid trail races.  Being a road racer for quite a number of years now, I’m confident in my own turf.  But for trail running on unknown place, I got scared somehow as trail racing is a new thing for me.  I received invites for a testContinue reading “Soleus 30-km Valley Trail Challenge Finisher”

Trail Running nOOb in Nuvali- Guest Post by FR Hortelano

It has been over a week since the Soleus Valley Trail Challenge race in Laguna.  And here I am still grappling with my post-race story.  Anyhow, allow me instead to share with you once more a trail running experience of a good friend/colleague of mine who was instrumental why I opted to try the trailContinue reading “Trail Running nOOb in Nuvali- Guest Post by FR Hortelano”

Done with Two, One More to Go

Nature Valley Run, 2nd leg of the Runrio Trilogy 30 May 2010 Photos by Lugs Borromeo and PhotovendoI couldn’t tell much what happened during the run. My heart was not really into it and I bet you knew why. I realized though that no matter how many times one traversed the same route, with notContinue reading “Done with Two, One More to Go”