Newbie 101: Races Here, There, and Everywhere

2009 Timex Run -21K Race
Among newbie runners, the next question would be “How many races are considered too many?”
When I started racing five or six years ago, there were not too many races on a certain date (or weekend). At the most only two to three races to choose from. It was way too easy for one to pick a race. This time, however, it’s no easy job with the unending list of fun runs and other unique races happening not only in the big metro but also around the country as well.
After finishing a good race, a runner’s high is so high that one wanted to register in another race the soonest possible. Well, I understand.
As I have pointed out in my previous post (a long, long time ago), the body, after a rigorous training and racing, needs sufficient rest for it to recover. As a rule of thumb, one race per month is considered good. Excessive racing will do more harm than good. When you’re running a race, more than 80% of overall body performance is being used up and the body is under so much stress. Pushing the body to its limits will eventually take its toll.  But what about those who have run back-to-back races and still excelled in their respective races? I know. I have seen them. Oh well, they must be the running mutants but hear ye … not all can be mutants or strong runners. For average runners, it may mean hard work and a lot of patience and training.
So if you’re still a newbie runner, go back always to your running goal. If you don’t have one, then I think it’s time to establish some. Then focus on them. Be patient.  In time, you’ll reap what you’ve sown.

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