Runners Help Build Homes

Filipino running community is very much alive. As what owner said, “unlike other sports, running creates community and it will stay longer and stronger.” Building a stronger community depends on each one of us. If we really try to see beyond the negative things, we see a much improved and innovative race organizing.

Run for Home, a charity run sponsored by Globe and Ayala Land, attracted more than 6,000 runners who helped raise funds to support resettlement project for Habitat for Humanity and Kapitbisig Para sa Ilog Pasig. The Bayan Ni Juan in Calauan is now under construction, and will be the new home of Ilog Pasig settlers. Located in Brgy. Dayap Calauan, Laguna, this new home is a huge 100-hectare land which will accommodate 800 homes. It introduced a new race route inside Makati Central Business District. A real treat for runners like me and you. Then there was this disposable timing chip which gives detailed race results. From their web site, one can just easily download photos by Photovendo.

Running can be addicting. An endless discussion of personal best, what training to undergo, what hills to conquer, etc. To some it’s about what race to join next. Others feel this “runner’s high” for their much improved time. Some talk about pain or muscle cramps when they are about to reach the finish line. Some are not satisfied with their time. We hear about complaints, dissatisfaction, or, ways to improve a race the next time.

As for me, what’s important is asking the question, “what lessons have we learned each time we finish a race?”

In our e-group one runner said that his time didn’t improve much. A fellow runner answered and the response was pretty nicely said.

Only one person crosses the finish line first. But in reality everyone who crosses the starting line to start the race is a winner. Just joining makes us a winner.” – Mark’s VO2

Runners on their way to Kalayaan-Buendia flyover

With Roger of Happy Feet Lost Command as my pacer

Raising a finger telling a photographer from Photovendo that they’re no. 1

After a turn around point at Bayani Road and running along Lawton Avenue on my way back to the finish line

Left on my own now to finish the remaining distance towards the finish line

Jubilant for finishing the race. Beat my Milo Marathon time and my fastest so far for 21k event. Thank you so much Sir Roger for pacing with me.

With Cristy, one of the strong finishers and wife of Run Unlimited

A souvenir shot with Ms. Nora, owner of Life Begins at 50 blog

With fellow blogger, Run and Drum aka Carlo, who flies to Manila just to join races

With Sam the Running Ninja

With newfound friends from group, Carina and Doc Roy

A photo opp with group after the race

(Photos Courtesy of Mark’s V02, Argonautquest, Run Unlimited, Ms. Nora, and Photovendo)

8 thoughts on “Runners Help Build Homes

  1. Gaganda ng pictures! I guess by now you're already convinced why I described the running diva \”sultry\” heh heh . . .Thanks for the tip after the race, Roselle. Yes, everybody who crosses the finish line is a certified WINNER. There's a lesson (or lessons) learned after each race that we join. Every race is unique and that's the beauty of it all. See you again soon, Roselle.


  2. naks naman roselle… i'm touched. medyo naanigan lang ng araw hehehe but that's okay! =)see you on the next road race. start slow, strong finish!!! =D


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