Run United 1 Finisher, 16 March 2014

Who would have expected I get a complimentary 21km race kit considering registration for this particular distance had closed in just two days?  Well, lucky enough to get a slot through Que and Jinoe, site owners, who registered me in this race. I was one of the 5,000 runners for the half marathon aloneContinue reading “Run United 1 Finisher, 16 March 2014”

One Fine Sunday Morning Run

It has been roughly almost two weeks since my visit to Baguio City for the 2013 Panagbenga a season of blooming flower festival, but still have yet to write an article about it. Missing to do a long slow distance (LSD) the other weekend, I made up for it last Sunday. Meanwhile, the day beforeContinue reading “One Fine Sunday Morning Run”

Run United Trilogy Completed!

The pie is now complete. September 16 — Yes, I completed the trilogy again. The first one I did two or three years ago.   With barely three weeks left to get back into training plus a few short runs every now and then, I wasn’t sure how well I would do in this 32-kilometer race.  Continue reading “Run United Trilogy Completed!”

Bumping Into Coach Titus One Fine Sunday Morning

11 March 2012 — Sunday was the perfect day for long run.  My training program indicated that I need to run 25-36 kilometers.   But with the errands and other activities I did the previous day, the half marathon race held the previous Sunday plus feeling a bit exhausted, I chose to run whatever distanceContinue reading “Bumping Into Coach Titus One Fine Sunday Morning”

Running in the Wee Hours of the Morning

“No way could I make it at 11 PM,” this was my thought while inside a cab on my way to Mall of Asia (MOA). It was Friday evening, January 21, where moderate to heavy rain caused flooding of some roads in Makati and clogged traffic. It was part of my training to run inContinue reading “Running in the Wee Hours of the Morning”

What Happens After an Ultramarathon?

I felt so fine right after I finished running an ultramarathon. In fact, I walked and could even go up and down the stairs (without limping) like as if I didn’t run quite a long distance one weekend. Not been into running like what I used to. Well, except for a slow 6.5K, just twoContinue reading “What Happens After an Ultramarathon?”

Reaching Tagaytay on Foot

At the starting line, L-R: Doc T and Gab (both BDMers), Edwin aka Hawkeyeball, Running Diva, Pao aka Endangered, Joy, and Joey Five years ago, while doing my usual early morning run around Rockwell area, a runner approached and once told me that he ran all the way from Manila to Silang, Cavite. Being aContinue reading “Reaching Tagaytay on Foot”

Tanay Revisited

Three months have passed since I first set foot in Tanay, Rizal, a place where some of the country’s serious athletes train and the first 50K Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) race was held. It was here where I had my first taste of running beyond a full marathon.It was here where I felt aweContinue reading “Tanay Revisited”

Running Calamba City to Sta. Cruz, Laguna

It all started with an invite from Joseph aka Prince asking me to join a long run in Laguna together with some runners. I decided to go for two reasons. First, it fitted my marathon training schedule. Second, though I’ve visited some of Laguna’s municipalities before, it was a good chance to see andContinue reading “Running Calamba City to Sta. Cruz, Laguna”

The Baguio Race: a Chilly WonderRun

L-R: Bryan, Mon, yours truly, Ellen (won 9th place), Carlo, and Judah New Balance was supposed to be my last race for the year. But being asked by Ellen a.k.a. Kelcy33 and Master Mon, to go with them to Baguio, I just couldn’t say no. Besides, a 30-km race on hilly slopes would improve leg-muscleContinue reading “The Baguio Race: a Chilly WonderRun”