Running Calamba City to Sta. Cruz, Laguna

It all started with an invite from Joseph aka Prince asking me to join a long run in Laguna together with some runners. I decided to go for two reasons. First, it fitted my marathon training schedule. Second, though I’ve visited some of Laguna’s municipalities before, it was a good chance to see and explore Laguna once again.The game plan …

Date: June 20

Meeting Time: 4-4:30 AM
[The group started past 5AM. It took us sometime to reach Laguna due to heavy downpour while traveling South Superhighway. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain in Laguna.]

Meeting Place: Total Gas Station, in front of Jollibee near Letran College (Calamba)

Run Details:
~ 30K long run
[Actual distance covered as per my Garmin 305 is 31.74 KM.]

~ Will start from Calamba City and end in Sta Cruz, Laguna, Complex Oval
[Finish line was not at the Complex Oval. All of us ended up at Dong’s place, too pooped to move and looked forward to lunch instead.]

~ Same pace runners can pace each other

~ Possible support vehicle for hydration
[Many thanks to Prince‘ friend as driver and Lorie aka Silverprex who supported us all throughout the long run]

~ Lunch will be served courtesy of a runner based in Sta Cruz, Laguna
[Considered a bonus. Many thanks to Dong, a runner himself and a native of Sta Cruz Laguna, for the sumptuous lunch.]

A group photo where Prince proudly showed his PAU 50K trophy and finisher\’s shirt
L~R: Jai, friends, Carina, friend, Dong, Christian, Prince, Allen, Ayeth, yours truly, Wilnar, and Lorie

The route along the main highway is mostly flat complemented with scenic view. There were three pace groups. The fast runners, Wilnar, Dong, and a teenager-I-didn\’t-get-his-name runner, went ahead. Initially, I paced with Carina aka Flying Boar, then in the middle of the run I paced with Prince, and finished the last two kilometers walking. Happy and relieved to see the support vehicle

Nike Human Race Reds taking a good break at a waiting shed in San Isidro, Calauan

Christian and Allen took a break too

Man-made Lake Caliraya situated in the towns of Lumban, Cavinti, and Kalayaan in Laguna province

A group photo with Lake Caliraya as background. Thanks to Prince and Flying Boar for taking us there.

Many thanks to Prince, Flying Boar, Dong, Silverprex, and fellow runners for making this long run an enjoyable experience. Super thanks also to Silverprex and Jai for the great photos.

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