The Baguio Race: a Chilly WonderRun

L-R: Bryan, Mon, yours truly, Ellen (won 9th place), Carlo, and Judah New Balance was supposed to be my last race for the year. But being asked by Ellen a.k.a. Kelcy33 and Master Mon, to go with them to Baguio, I just couldn’t say no. Besides, a 30-km race on hilly slopes would improve leg-muscleContinue reading “The Baguio Race: a Chilly WonderRun”

Hilly Personal Milestone, 24 May 2009

Baguio… The word reminds me of a VSO friend’s funny experience as a volunteer in Zambia, Africa. In her blog, she related how she, as Filipino, was mistakenly identified as Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Irish, Russian, etc. There were some who used Filipino (finally!) but spelled as Philippino. The worst case was when she was calledContinue reading “Hilly Personal Milestone, 24 May 2009”