Tanay Revisited

Three months have passed since I first set foot in Tanay, Rizal, a place where some of the country’s serious athletes train and the first 50K Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) race was held.

It was here where I had my first taste of running beyond a full marathon.It was here where I felt awe with the beauty of nature; seeing the clouds as if you could easily reach them and not far from the horizon, is Laguna Lake.

It was here where I also realized that no matter how strong or fast one can be, Mother Nature will put your strength to the test. We\’re just a small speck against the backdrop of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the intensely long and winding road of Tanay.

I came back not to race but to run the route with friends and fellow runners as part of my preparation for the second leg of the PAU ultramarathon series. The 65K ultramarathon race, which starts in Pasuquin and ends in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, I consider, as another romance of mine with ultra distance running.

I had a great time running the last 15K route reminiscing each significant moment where I walked, ran, and struggled during the race. The photo below, was taken at the 35KM turnaround point. Thanks to Doc T, wearing a black running shirt, for this shot.

It was a cloudy weather during our long run. While uphill fast walking, we\’re caught in a sudden downpour. I could even hear the winds howling and it almost dragged me on the side of the road.

The almost endless steep uphills, foggy road, matched with strong winds, made our running pace slower. We’re drenched. I felt the water seep into my running shoes. The thought of seeing trees flying along our path made me shiver.

Yet, these surprising events during our 30K LSD in Tanay didn’t dampen the spirits of over sixty runners (I hope the estimated figure is correct), both neophytes and experienced ones, who took time out of their busy schedule, to just experience how it was to run in Tanay.

Of course, thanks to Prince Joseph for pacing with me the whole time.

I’m indebted to Aaron aka Takboular who picked me up from my place so early in the morning.

I thank Lorie aka Silverprex for allowing me to leave my stuff.

Many thanks to Takbo.ph runners for the enthusiasm shown and level of commitment to wake up early just to join the Tanay LSD.

This wouldn’t have been made possible if not for the initiative of the newly launched Team Boring and the leadership of Pojie aka Forefoot Runner. There never was a dull moment running with Team Boring members.

Above all, thanks be to God who kept us safe in all our journeys.

August 8
Tanay, Rizal

Photos courtesy of Doc Topher aka Doc T

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