Run United Trilogy Completed!

The pie is now complete.
September 16 — Yes, I completed the trilogy again. The first one I did two or three years ago.  
With barely three weeks left to get back into training plus a few short runs every now and then, I wasn’t sure how well I would do in this 32-kilometer race.  

There was a good crowd of runners, and it was nice to see many familiar faces at the start.

Surprisingly my game plan worked well even though the weather was less than perfect last Sunday. Running through heavy rains (note: for four hours) turned out to be an enjoyable experience as well. No cramps.  Steady breathing.  Uphill running at the three flyovers was OK.  Not much walking either, well, except when nearing the hydration station.  I was extremely happy with my time when I finished, indeed another personal best. 

It was great to note that a better baggage deposit and claim system has been implemented.   Hydration was not a problem.  Bananas were even provided.  
I guess congratulations are in order for Runrio staff, the marshals who braved the rain, medical staff, volunteers, and sponsors for making Run United series a successful one.  

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