A Runner’s Rambling Thought, “Who is Ped Xing?”

A lot of Filipinos have a penchant for shortcuts and acronyms and oftentimes infused with humor.   Look at the way we communicate Filipino style—text, chat, email using shortcuts to save time.   I do sometimes find it hard to decipher some texts received from my nieces or nephews, especially, the Jejemon ones.  Anyway, a few years back, whileContinue reading “A Runner’s Rambling Thought, “Who is Ped Xing?””

A Chock-full and Colorful Tidbits Taken from Born to Run Book

I kept notes while reading the Born to Run book, and also wrote down some of its interesting things, line of thoughts, facts, quotes, etc. in my journal.   I’d encourage you to read this book.  It’s a fantastic read!    Here’s a list of those, mostly to let you see a glimpse of whatContinue reading “A Chock-full and Colorful Tidbits Taken from Born to Run Book”

Micah True or Caballo Blanco, 58

I only had the opportunity to meet Micah True aka Caballo Blanco or White Horse from the pages of Born to Run written by Christopher McDougall. Thanks to fellow runner Master Eo for lending me the book three years ago.  Related: Born to run: a must read book Born to run, the book: in a nut shell Micah was famous for hisContinue reading “Micah True or Caballo Blanco, 58”

Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event

25 March 2012 – Personally busy with other things and for some reason, I totally had forgotten about checking the time for the 5K race. I blogged about this event yet here I was not remembering either the assembly time or the gun time, oh well, my bad, I said to myself. Based from previousContinue reading “Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event”

My 5K Race Against Raze at the Bonifacio Global City

18 March 2012 – I arrived at the venue very early, with enough time to leisurely walk towards the starting line. Along the way I passed lots of runners. They must be 16Kers, the first group to take off in the race. From afar, I could hear the emcee made a few words welcoming theContinue reading “My 5K Race Against Raze at the Bonifacio Global City”

Bumping Into Coach Titus One Fine Sunday Morning

11 March 2012 — Sunday was the perfect day for long run.  My training program indicated that I need to run 25-36 kilometers.   But with the errands and other activities I did the previous day, the half marathon race held the previous Sunday plus feeling a bit exhausted, I chose to run whatever distanceContinue reading “Bumping Into Coach Titus One Fine Sunday Morning”

Women of the Philippines … Celebrate!

Today, March 8, we celebrate National Women’s Day (Republic Act No. 6949) signed on April 10, 1990.   The month of March was also proclaimed as Women’s Role in History Month (Proclamation No. 227).  With the recently experienced disasters and calamities by the country and the impact of climate change on a global scale, the theme forContinue reading “Women of the Philippines … Celebrate!”

Running is Free, but Racing is Not

“Running should be free, man.” I quote Caballo Blanco, a free-spirited ultra distance runner.  A runner who, after reading his story from the book, Born to Run, gave me the inspiration to try running an ultramarathon.  Running… The long road ahead is open for anyone.  You can tie your shoes any time you want and off you goContinue reading “Running is Free, but Racing is Not”

Run United 1. Runrio Trilogy 2012 Edition: My First Race for the Year

I always used my mobile phone as alarm clock, put it on vibrate, and kept it near me so it can wake me up. At 3AM, I had to literally drag myself out of bed feeling tired after doing house cleaning the day before. I was still moving like a zombie, when about 4AM IContinue reading “Run United 1. Runrio Trilogy 2012 Edition: My First Race for the Year”

Good Luck to All Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon Warriors!

Nearly a year had passed when I had the chance to run this prestigious ultramarathon event.  And on Sunday, March 4, another batch of Bataan Death March runners will brave the same path to honor the memory of our WWII brave fallen soldiers.  To all ultra marathon runners in this race, I wish you allContinue reading “Good Luck to All Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon Warriors!”