Women of the Philippines … Celebrate!

Today, March 8, we celebrate National Women’s Day (Republic Act No. 6949) signed on April 10, 1990.   The month of March was also proclaimed as Women’s Role in History Month (Proclamation No. 227).  With the recently experienced disasters and calamities by the country and the impact of climate change on a global scale, the theme forContinue reading “Women of the Philippines … Celebrate!”

Women’s Health: Athena Milk for Women Join Forces for their First All Women’s Run

While more marathons and fun runs are created to cater to everyone who loves to run, it is still quite unusual to stage a run exclusively for women. This is precisely why Women’s Health Philippines and Athena Milk for Women decided to team up for their first All Women’s Run held last March 19, Saturday,Continue reading “Women’s Health: Athena Milk for Women Join Forces for their First All Women’s Run”

A Tribute to All Women

In the Philippines, the passage of the following laws during the term of President Corazon, the first Filipino woman president, serves as legal bases for the celebration of the National Women’s Day/Month: • Proclamation No. 224, “Declaring the First Week of March of Every Year as Women’s Week and March 8, 1988 and Every YearContinue reading “A Tribute to All Women”