Running Kota Kinabalu: the Borneo International Marathon 2012

6 May 2012 — Marathon running during the first quarter and by the end of the year, I think, is pretty achievable.  I wanted to try running a full marathon or an ultramarathon in Singapore for the past two years, but the opportunity kept eluding me.  Either the time to go there was not right or thatContinue reading “Running Kota Kinabalu: the Borneo International Marathon 2012”

Running is Free, but Racing is Not

“Running should be free, man.” I quote Caballo Blanco, a free-spirited ultra distance runner.  A runner who, after reading his story from the book, Born to Run, gave me the inspiration to try running an ultramarathon.  Running… The long road ahead is open for anyone.  You can tie your shoes any time you want and off you goContinue reading “Running is Free, but Racing is Not”