Go Marino, Go! A FAME Fun Run, September 23, 2007

Aargh! This is the second time around that I didn’t do well in my run. Instead of improving it, it’s getting worse instead. The culprit? Not getting enough sleep the night before–too excited to know what’s going to happen and anxious at the same time whether I can finish the race or not. I end up feeling sluggish and sleepy on race day itself. It’s a struggle to get off from bed. Today’s race day, I only had a few minutes left before gun start…again! (e-rod am sure will comment on this). Good thing Zaldy, who appeared from nowhere, happily assisted me so I can leave my bag. I hail you Zaldy for the initiative! 😀

Not an easy run for me. After the first turn around point, I feel cramps on my stomach. Uh, oh! Not a good sign. I had no choice but to walk for sometime. That’s when I saw Tisha, a fellow happy feet runner, waiving at me on her way to the 5k turn around point. Sigh…

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,” a verse which I remembered only too well. My brain is telling me to run but my body is telling me to walk and wait for the pain to subside. In spite of this unfortunate circumstance nothing beats that moment–seeing myself finishing the race. Now, that’s fun run for me…

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