Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Marathon, 4 August

Woke up feeling so tired today for not sleeping early the night before and wondering whether to join the milkshake run or not. I had to drag myself down to text Ben for a ride to the Fort. I had to do it quickly because I was only given 30 minutes to prepare and be there at the agreed place. We arrived at the Fort forty-five minutes past 6 am. Smith, who arrived early and was doing a warm up run already, said a “happy” hi to us as we passed him by. We did a couple of warm up runs around Gourdo’s while waiting for Mon to arrive. Mon, finally, arrived with some of his running buddies. We were given free pink T-shirts by Barbizon staff upon registration. Cute color!

Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Marathon, a fun run for breastfeeding kicked off at past 8 am. It was well attended by representatives from UNICEF, WHO, local celebrities like Tessa Prieto-Valdes, children, pregnant Moms, visitors and some serious and no-so-serious runners. I was glad to finally meet the bull runner, Jaymie, in flesh.

Was ahead of the pack of women running but halfway of the run, I tried to catch my breath and decided to slow down. A new found friend, Trisha, went past me … then followed by another runner. Hearing the sound of steps behind me, I increased my pacing a bit. Only to find out it was Smith after all. We paced together toward the Finish Line. (And I learned from our e-group’s post that a fellow runner, Zaldy, saw Smith and me on QTV.) I finished 3rd in this run.

After the run, we got a lot of freebies—food, a bottle of water, laxative medicines, and a pair of underwear. Oops! Sorry guys these are for women only! 😉 To top it off, a Krispy Kreme doughnut treat from Mon, Ben, Smith and Joms made the day complete! After all, the best things in life are free, right?!

Can’t wait to see the photos and video taken by Ben during the race! (For more details about this run, visit the bullrunner’s blog at

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