Ecstatic with Unexpected Podium Finish

12 January 2013 — On my way out, a light rain began to fall and the sky was overcast. Crazy it may seem, but I was heading to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) complex at about 5:15 AM to join a one-kilometer run.  Yes, you’ve read it right.  One kilometer, not my usual race, uh, but “why this?”  SufficeContinue reading “Ecstatic with Unexpected Podium Finish”

My Thanks To Milo Sports Events

21k female winners of the 33rd Milo Marathon Eliminations, San Pablo City, Laguna leg, September 6, with race organizer and Milo officials. This was sent to me by Milo’s Sports Events & PR, Andrew Neri. Thanks to Sir Amado L. Castro, Jr. a.k.a. Reinier6666 and to Jinoe a.k.a. Manokan Runner & admin of forContinue reading “My Thanks To Milo Sports Events”

Milo Marathon Elimination Race in San Pablo City, Laguna: My Milo Story

Not even tropical storm “Labuyo” (Dujuan) could stop some runners from going to Laguna to join the 33rd Milo Marathon elimination race held last September 6. Just a few weeks back, while being online over shout box, I was invited by running buddies Joseph (Prince), Gab (Dirty Sanchez), Rod (Red), and Topher (DocT) toContinue reading “Milo Marathon Elimination Race in San Pablo City, Laguna: My Milo Story”

Fun Run, June 23, 2008

Receiving my award of assorted groceries. Woohoo! With some of my HR colleagues A pose with our proud HR managers, Sirs Jay & Eli Winners (age category): Rodel, Abby, me, Thelma Stopped running for almost three weeks. This is my practice run after being busy practicing dance steps/choreography prior to our upcoming benefit concert. IContinue reading “Fun Run, June 23, 2008”