Reaching Tagaytay on Foot

At the starting line, L-R: Doc T and Gab (both BDMers), Edwin aka Hawkeyeball, Running Diva, Pao aka Endangered, Joy, and Joey Five years ago, while doing my usual early morning run around Rockwell area, a runner approached and once told me that he ran all the way from Manila to Silang, Cavite. Being aContinue reading “Reaching Tagaytay on Foot”

Tanay Revisited

Three months have passed since I first set foot in Tanay, Rizal, a place where some of the country’s serious athletes train and the first 50K Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) race was held. It was here where I had my first taste of running beyond a full marathon.It was here where I felt aweContinue reading “Tanay Revisited”

What An Ultra Runner Is

While browsing the Net, I came across with, a site describing what an ultra runner is, in a funny way. Visit the site for the complete list. The distance is measured by miles (1 mile = 1.609 km). Here are some of my favorites.You Know You’renAn Ultra Runner If … By: Various Authors YouContinue reading “What An Ultra Runner Is”

Baptism of Fire in Ultrarunning

1st PAU 50K Run, Tanay, Rizal Photos courtesy of Emil Ancheta aka DecipherWith the persistent but gentle prodding of Jonel aka BugoBugo85 plus the encouragement of some running friends like Sir Jovie aka Baldrunner, Francis, Mel, Gab, Luis aka GBM, Rodel aka Argonaut among others, what reasons do I have “not to” try ultra running?Continue reading “Baptism of Fire in Ultrarunning”

Trail Running Ultra Marathon: a Personal Narrative by Someone Who Finished TNF100

“Discover tales of awe-inspiring tale of real people in their quest for self mastery…” Yes, that’s what my blog says. Having said that, here’s a personal account of someone who conquered the risky 100-kilometer trail running race held in Baguio City organized by The North Face. No pictures were included in this post since hisContinue reading “Trail Running Ultra Marathon: a Personal Narrative by Someone Who Finished TNF100”

Random Thoughts on Bataan Death March 102-kilometer Ultra Marathon

I’m no ultra marathon runner. Not yet. But who knows? I’m no historian either. But I love knowing our history. So, I took a trip in 2001 going to Bataan and visited Dambana ng Kagitingan also known as the Shrine of Valor. It is atop Mt. Samat in Pilar, Bataan, a shrine to commemorate theContinue reading “Random Thoughts on Bataan Death March 102-kilometer Ultra Marathon”

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: a Memoir: a Must-read

Remember that time when I personally recommended the book entitled, “Born to Run,” for you to read? Well, here’s another good read. This book was given to me as a birthday gift last year. But it took me eight months before I finally opened its pages. When I saw its title, especially, with the word,Continue reading “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: a Memoir: a Must-read”

Marathon Running with a Vengeance: Condura Skyway Marathon 2010

This is it! There’s no turning back now. I need to finish this race or else all the hard work and training will just go down the drain. Days before Condura, some of my friends have asked me whether I have a target time or am I aiming for a PR (Personal Record). But IContinue reading “Marathon Running with a Vengeance: Condura Skyway Marathon 2010”

Born to Run, the Book: in a Nutshell

Remember that book on superathletes I posted sometime ago? Finally! Done with it after two weeks. I knew I have seen that title before. Then I remembered, I’ve read it from a song hits mag. Well, I didn’t know much about the singer but Bruce Springsteen was a rock icon after the release of hisContinue reading “Born to Run, the Book: in a Nutshell”

The Baguio Race: a Chilly WonderRun

L-R: Bryan, Mon, yours truly, Ellen (won 9th place), Carlo, and Judah New Balance was supposed to be my last race for the year. But being asked by Ellen a.k.a. Kelcy33 and Master Mon, to go with them to Baguio, I just couldn’t say no. Besides, a 30-km race on hilly slopes would improve leg-muscleContinue reading “The Baguio Race: a Chilly WonderRun”