Is Singing Like Running?

Singing the national anthem at the recently held Runfest Fun Run last Sunday was no easy task, especially, if one has to sing it a cappella. I tell you why. (Photo courtesy of I only learned about it just two days before the event. The first thing that I did was get inContinue reading “Is Singing Like Running?”

Running the 1st Viva Vigan Heritage Run

The first time I set foot in Vigan was in 2005. That visit gave me the opportunity to see places where Vigan is famous for. One of them is the cobblestoned street of Calle Crisologo, considered UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.My interest was reignited when a fun run, which coincided with the Binatbatan Festival, was postedContinue reading “Running the 1st Viva Vigan Heritage Run”

A Weekend with Back-to-back Races

Greenfield Sunset Run, 21K, April 24 It was my first time to set foot at Greenfield Subdivision and noticed that race course was mostly flat, with a portion of asphalt, and the rest of the road was cement concrete pavement. Reaching the activity area, I saw a good number of runners already. While waiting forContinue reading “A Weekend with Back-to-back Races”

Infinity Run: Did You Beat Your Time?

“Did you beat your own time?”To some of you who didn’t but still reached the finish line, why not pat your back? After all, you deserved it. Don’t worry; there’ll be more races where you can ‘get even’ with yourself. Those of you who ran this race for the first time, especially in the 15kContinue reading “Infinity Run: Did You Beat Your Time?”

Paa-bilisan 21k in Baguio, 28 March

Every time there’s an invite to run in Baguio City, and as long as it goes well with my schedule, I do try to join, and most often consider it as practice run. When you’re in Baguio, its running event is totally a different experience, especially, when you’re from Manila. With its thin altitude, difficultContinue reading “Paa-bilisan 21k in Baguio, 28 March”

Globe Run for Home 2010

Globe Run for Home 2009 was my best half marathon time. Last month, I aimed to beat it but the new race route and the extra distance stopped me from getting a new PR. I was running late. Well, almost. While running Makati Avenue, on my way to the race venue, I was thinking, “howContinue reading “Globe Run for Home 2010”

NB Power Race: Raising Hope

Who could forget this race? It was one Saturday morning, two months ago, when I received quite a number of text messages that it was not pushing through due to inclement weather. Tropical Storm Ondoy (international code name: Ketsana) struck, wreak havoc across Metro Manila and nearby provinces, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.Continue reading “NB Power Race: Raising Hope”

Help Others Help Themselves

L-R: Rene a.k.a. Jazzrunner, yours truly, Glenn a.k.a. Sean Williams, and Master Mon (Photo Courtesy of Rene) Charity runs are always close to my heart. After all, it was also during a charity run where my love for running started five years ago. Let It Shine Foundation sent me an invite for a bloggers meetingContinue reading “Help Others Help Themselves”

Time is Running for Recovery Run

Running a marathon can really drain one’s energy. That is, if it’s your first. Well, you don’t have to agree with me. There are those who are just too blessed with strength to run back to back marathons unscathed. I finished the full marathon injury free and I wanted it that way. L-R: Anton, ownerContinue reading “Time is Running for Recovery Run”

A Swarm of Yellow Runners

I experienced running my first half-marathon during the Adidas KOTR last year. This year, I signed up for another 21k KOTR race with the objective of beating my previous PR and treating it as a long run (adding 5k before the race and another 5k after). With fellow KOTR finishers from and Happy FeetContinue reading “A Swarm of Yellow Runners”