RUNNING DIVAs and the Running Skirt

It’s like a popular title of a book, “East Meets West.” Thanks to the power of technology we call Internet. It connects people from other parts of the world. It leads to people with common passion.I’ve met other running divas, two of them, albeit virtually. (Left photo: The Running Diva from Canada) I can stillContinue reading “RUNNING DIVAs and the Running Skirt”

Is Singing Like Running?

Singing the national anthem at the recently held Runfest Fun Run last Sunday was no easy task, especially, if one has to sing it a cappella. I tell you why. (Photo courtesy of I only learned about it just two days before the event. The first thing that I did was get inContinue reading “Is Singing Like Running?”

From Treadmill To Road Running

“What is that sport where one doesn’t need a team, not-so-expensive, a good way to keep fit, and where one can do it any time, anywhere?” This was the question I asked myself back then. And the only answer I could think of was running. In running, all I could do was tie my shoes.Continue reading “From Treadmill To Road Running”