Infinity Run: Did You Beat Your Time?

Did you beat your own time?”To some of you who didn’t but still reached the finish line, why not pat your back? After all, you deserved it. Don’t worry; there’ll be more races where you can ‘get even’ with yourself. Those of you who ran this race for the first time, especially in the 15k category, and made it to the finish line, well done, my friend. And, if you had improved your time, great job!

With Timmy aka Kenkoy Runner

As for me, yes, I did OK, not my best, but to heck with it, I had a great time running the Mizuno race. I arrived at the venue earlier than I expected, had a quick chat with Laos SEA Games gold medalist, Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista, at the starting line on his previous Mizuno time (51 minutes for 15k) and at one point in time, I asked him his expected finishing time where he jokingly answered, “50?” Next day, when I read the paper, he finished the race in 48 minutes. And at the end of the race, it was also nice to see friends and fellow Happy Feet runners. Super thanks to Doc Marvin aka Nuttybunny of for the great photos!

It was nice to run the same route again. Water stations were enough and strategically placed. I knew the race marshals, together with the traffic enforcers, received the brunt of angry motorists so that us, runners, could pass through busy lanes like the one at the crossing of Makati Avenue and Buendia Avenue, but it was another story when one of the enforcers asked us to stop and wait for some vehicles to pass first. But again, they were just doing their job. At least, it didn’t take long for us to run again. Overall, the race was conducted well. Congrats to Mr. Rudy Biscocho and his team!

Happy Feet Peeps

Ipe, Rod, yours truly, Totoy, Mon, Z

Z, Jordz, Jay Em, Mon

Dhang with her hubby, Jay, and their friend, Oros

4 thoughts on “Infinity Run: Did You Beat Your Time?

  1. I saw you Bry, really running fast. Congrats! You really can beat yourself when your mind is really into it! BTW, congrats too for winning the Mizuno Blogging Contest. 😉 Am I seeing a double celebration? Yay!


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