Mommy MilkShake Year 3

I intentionally didn’t register for Mommy Milkshake this year to give way to other runners. But a nagging thought kept telling me to join so just two days before the race, decided to call the organizer (crossing my fingers) hoping to get a slot. However, I was told by the staff that registration was already closed. Well, I decided to go there anyway as a bandit. And I was not alone as some runners were running as bandits as well.

It was a festive Sunday morning even if the weather was kind of gloomy. Because this was a bandit run for me, I instead brought along with me my pink disc to coincide with MM’s color and may be just play with some disc enthusiasts after the race.

I really didn’t want to run as a bandit. With this in mind, I approached the staff and asked whether they were still accepting registrants. Timely, the Bullrunner‘s sister was there when I inquired. I was so glad when the organizer accepted me as a legitimate runner for the 5k event. After I got my bib, I informed my fellow bandit runners that they were still still accepting registrants. Thanks so much to the Bullrunner’s sister. We were bandits no more! Yahuuu!

This was just a “chillax” run for me as I had a bigger race the next day, the 33rd Milo 21k San Pablo, Laguna leg. So to enjoy the chillax run, I paced with Mykolant of Mykol was a strong runner. He finished it with no walking and even went past not only two runners but five! Congratulations Mykol!

Photo 1: Mommy Milkshake Year 3 with and Happy Feet
Photo 2: Mommy Milkshake Year 2 with Happy Feet
Photo 3: Barbizon Mommy Milkshake Year 1 with Happy Feet

I was so glad to be part of MM Year 3 edition. From more than a hundred participants on its first year, MM participants soared to 800 registrants this year. Not bad for a free race.

All of us were given a sandwich, banana, bottled water, and Nivea products after the race. Kudos and more power to the organizer!

Mommy Milkshake fun run was started in 2007 in celebration of World Breastfeeding Month. It was sponsored by Barbizon together with Mommy Matters, Best Friends in Breastfeeding, and Philippine Association of Childbirth Educators. The fun run was supported by breastfeeding advocates and running enthusiasts.

3 thoughts on “Mommy MilkShake Year 3

  1. Thanks for mentioning me, Roselle! I just saw this today! I had fun and I am deeply honored that you paced with me! Good fortune smiled on you the next day, too, so everything worked out well for both of us! Cheers


  2. Wow, Mykol, this is a surprise! 😀 For a friend and fellow runner why wouldn't I? I had fun time pacing with you, at least, for a chillax pace that was not really bad. Be safe in your next race. Carry on!


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