Happy Run, 25 Jan. 2009

What does it take to make some people to feel happy?

First, find out what they appreciate. This requires attention to the other person. Second, take time to know what they enjoy. Sometimes it’s easy for us to get lost with our busy lives that we fail to notice it. It takes a lot of effort to see what others would like. And when you do something about it, you end up feeling it’s worth it. What you do for others will come back to you in some way. It motivates you to spread kindness. Remember you get more when you give more. Abundance!

There are many ways to make others feel happy. And if you were one of those runners on Sunday, 25 January, you not only contributed for a dream to come true but also made students of Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Annex in Taguig happy. Thru your registration fee, you helped build more classrooms for them. And for finishing the run-be it 3k, 5k or 15k-I salute you!

Happy Run was a charity run in partnership with Bianca Gonzalez’s Help The Kids Learn Project and Rep. Lani Cayetano.

Jubilant Happy Feet with Fellow Runners

From L to R: Bull Runner, Kinderdorf Leben, Vince, Mark’s V02, Tiffin, Running Diva, Photographer on the Run (partly hidden), Glenn, Running Shield, Mayen, Bobby (partly hidden), Tin, JunC; Seated: Zinnia, and Art (Photo Courtesy of Running Shield)

Reasons to be Happy

The best features of the Happy Run, being a music lover myself, were the Dragon Dance to welcome Chinese New Year, the somewhat Sinulog beat, the Philippine Military Band at the corner of Bayani Road and string ensembles at the Heritage Park.

A very organized race. There were water stations in every two kilometer, adequate water supply, clean portalets, nice singlet, distance markers were visible, enough number of marshals, free goodies, the race started on time, and race results came out early as expected. Runrio Team, race organizer, did a superb job in this event.

My personal record improved, at least, by four minutes. My previous official 15k time with VSO Kabahagi Ako FundRaising Run clocked 1:45.57. With Happy Run official results, I clocked 1:41.23.

Photovendo staff was there to get photos of runners. Did you smile? Did you run with a good form? I guess you did!

Yummy buffet breakfast at Paul Calvin’s Deli. You should try it!

A fellow runner offered me free use of swimming pool. So, I had a nice recovery swim.

As a runner, what more can I ask?

I went home happy.

Were you?

6 thoughts on “Happy Run, 25 Jan. 2009

  1. Thank you, Meek Runner. I wonder how come you named yourself Meekrunner? 😀 When running, are you really that meek?? If you\’re the first one to see just tap me and I wouldn\’t hesitate to shake hands with you. See you soon!


  2. i\’m happy that you\’re happy 🙂 hmm, i\’m happy. but i think i\’d be happier if i see an illumated manuscript, a real one at that!!! hakhak! 🙂


  3. Roselle, I was happy, yes, but I could have been happier had I seen you at the Happy Run. I ran/walk 3K with my 2 little darlings. We left right away \’coz my mother needed her driver and her car to Tagaytay.Congrats for breaking your 15K PR, Roselle! Hope to see you again.


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