Photoholic Baguio and Panagbenga 2013

I have been to Baguio quite a number of times that I knew my way around there.  Thanks to previous races and visits.  These really helped.   When running became a top priority, singing with the choir took a backseat.  Thus, it has been a while since the last time I saw some of my choirmates.  I recompensed lost time by joining them for a trip to Baguio last year, a timely visit for me since there were other landmarks or points of interest which I missed exploring during previous visits.  What better way to see and learn the city again than by running or walking around. 
With my choirmates
\”K-pop\” locals? These remarkable ladies asked me to join them  
I planned to run but ended up walking around the area
Apart from an assortment of vegetables and different handicrafts found in their market, the variety of flowers they have in the city never stopped to amaze me.  For this very reason, I promised myself next time I visit the city it would be in time for their Panagbenga Festival.  So I did.  
These are the photos of flowers which I took in the summer of last year
The city celebrated the flower festival last February 23 and 24 with the theme \”A Blooming Odyssey\”.  Street dances and float parades highlighted the celebration.  I tried to get some good shots of the float parade; however, with the many onlookers plus my-not-so-good position to take the shots, I could only pick one.  The rest of the photos were taken as I was touring the area a day before the big events.

 One of my favorite floats
Little Buddha sculptures inside the Baguio Botanical Garden
I watched a real weaver in action at the Easter Weaving Room
The finish products, a wide array of tribal prints

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