On Rest Mode and Enjoying Summer

I know.  I haven’t run races lately.  Not even a practice run.  Well, after finishing the Bataan Death March 102 Ultramarathon two months ago all I wanted to do is just rest.  And rest for me is savoring sleep and eat what I want. No run and just doing what I love doing, that is,Continue reading “On Rest Mode and Enjoying Summer”

A Cool Respite

After doing a lot of running and racing lately, which culminated during the QCIM race, a good break was all I needed, away from the bustle of city life to commune with nature. How lucky our group was, the Fishers of Men Choir, to get a pretty good package to Coron, Palawan. Airfare was availedContinue reading “A Cool Respite”

Be Enchanted at Enchanted, 1 Feb. 2009

I’ve read from a book that a reward-be it clothes, shoes, dinner out, hanging out with friends, etc.- reinforces progress in running. Being with my former choirmates is in itself a reward. And, to be with them at Enchanted Kingdom is one of life’s simplest pleasures. To Be a Child Again Flying Fiesta Rio GrandeContinue reading “Be Enchanted at Enchanted, 1 Feb. 2009”