Newbie 101: GalloWAY to Your Marathon

This year’s 2nd Quezon City International Marathon will have pacers who’ll use the Galloway method. But first thing first, what’s Galloway anyway? Actually, it’s both a “what” and a “who”. Jeff Galloway (JG) is a marathoner, a writer, author of Galloway’s Book on Running and Marathon: You Can Do It!, la la la … justContinue reading “Newbie 101: GalloWAY to Your Marathon”

Marathon Running with a Vengeance: Condura Skyway Marathon 2010

This is it! There’s no turning back now. I need to finish this race or else all the hard work and training will just go down the drain. Days before Condura, some of my friends have asked me whether I have a target time or am I aiming for a PR (Personal Record). But IContinue reading “Marathon Running with a Vengeance: Condura Skyway Marathon 2010”

What’s in a Medal?

“…inquire of Zeus of the flashing thunderbolt, if he has any message to give concerning men whose spirits are seeking to attain great excellence and a breathing-space from toils.” ~ excerpt from the Eighth Olympic Ode, by Pindar (c. 522-420 BC), courtesy of the Perseus Project digital library Medal is an award for doing somethingContinue reading “What’s in a Medal?”

Marathon Debut to Help Save Pasig River

After finishing the simulation run for the QCIM route, that was the day when I registered for the Pasig International Marathon, a whimsical decision to run a first full marathon. If you try to remember your Rizal subject back in college or Filipino subject during your high school years, Pasig River was mentioned by oneContinue reading “Marathon Debut to Help Save Pasig River”

Simulator Run for Marathon Success

Just like any performance—be it recital, concert, musical competition, etc.—needs dress rehearsal. In marathons we call this as a “simulator run”. It prepares the runner’s body and mind for the race. How to be successful on race day? Schedule simulator run at least four to five weeks before the marathon. If you have access toContinue reading “Simulator Run for Marathon Success”

Quezon City International Marathon

Last September 8, I attended the bloggers meet for the launching of the 1st Quezon City International Marathon at Kabisera Bar and Grill, Bonifacio High Street. L to R standing: Vince, Dave De Leon, Guests, Jun C, Guests, bloggers RunningPinoy, Forefoot, Jazzrunner, Kenkoy Runner, Passion Runner; seated: Bananarunning, Changeling Child, Kulit on the Run, Rose,Continue reading “Quezon City International Marathon”

Subic International Marathon Launched

Just a year ago, I had the chance to visit Subic with fellow Happy Feet runners. Two of them, Masters Totoy and Doc Oknoy, ran the full marathon which started at midnight. Please see also the Happy Feet photo on the side bar and previous blog entry, September 2008. It was an awesome experience forContinue reading “Subic International Marathon Launched”