38th National MILO® Marathon Finisher

27 July 2014 — Joining the MILO® marathon this year was not part of my game plan.  But I guess fate intervened when I suddenly found myself invited during the event launch and signed up for the full distance. Later that day, I got to thinking how I would tackle the full distance within the six-hour cut-off timeframe considering there wasn’t enough time to train (and I mean to REALLY train) for it.  Running a full distance (even for experienced runners like me) may seem like a scary prospect, especially if you feel your preparation wasn’t enough.

Double time training since race is fast approaching so I had been running more even on days when it rains.  When race weekend came, I made sure I get a good sleep Friday night for I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before the race.  Then early Saturday morning, I went out for an easy 1.5K swim.  When night came, I found myself just tossing and turning on my bed waiting for the alarm clock to go off at 2 AM.  

I arrived at the race venue with enough time to check-in my stuff at the baggage deposit area then proceeded right away to the starting line.  Walking steadily not too far from the starting line, I bumped into two ultra running friends, Chito and Mel.  I couldn’t help but notice there was quite a good number of marathon runners.  

I ran with Mel and Chito during the initial stage of the race and eventually had to slow down upon reaching Roxas Boulevard at the corner of Buendia Street, the way to the last turnaround point, and then a final stretch to the finish line.  On my way back, I bumped into another ultra runner friend, Chips, and some running coaches.  Thrice I had leg cramps, but glad it just went away.  Finally, I finished my 8th marathon after a two-year hiatus!  I think I did pretty well.  Shaved a lot of time off from my last full marathon.  Still have yet to beat my best marathon time though.  Let’s see…

Two thumbs up to the race organizers (Runrio, MILO® Team, AIMS, IAAF, volunteers, staff, and sponsors), on this one! 

Congratulations  MILO® on your 50th year anniversary and for the successful staging of the marathon!  Good to be part of your history!

Congratulations to all finishers and winners of the 38th National MILO® Marathon!  
Thank you MILO® PR Team for the support and for having me in this event.  

Super duper thanks to my running coach, Coach John Lozada for your patience to train me.  

Many thanks to Fabulous Running Divas Rikki aka Cheapanggang Diva for the cheer at the finish line and to Blue Z. for your cheer during the race.  

Thank you also to Pepsi (Girley) and her BPI Runners Club Teammates, Lochie, Paulo, Benjamin, Jim, Ramon, and Filson for having me during their post race breakfast.  

Many thanks, too, to all photographers/photography groups — Tara Trip Tayo, AV Photography-AAquino, Running Photographers, Photo-Ops, Aquizzed Snaps Photography, Reggie C., Philipbf Photos, and KB Runner.

For those who I failed to mention here, thanks for all your support.

Until next time! 

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