A Greek Goddess at the Adobo Run after Dark

When this event was launched, I knew then that I wanted to try joining, this time running in costume.  Haven’t done this before, you know.  But my dilemma is finding the appropriate costume.  Appropriate means a costume that’s not hard to put on when running or worn over a running gear. 
The first thing I did was to contact an equally talented and great seamstress friend of mine.  The plan was to have a dress tailored to specifications I had in mind.  But this didn’t push through though. I thought then that it was an unwise move to spend much just for a mere costume.  
The inspiration emerged while watching the movie Clash of the Titans, it dawned on me why not come as a Greek goddess instead.  I got so thrilled by the idea that I temporarily abandoned some of my training days just to look for a perfect dress and the accessories that may go with it.  In a matter of two weeks, I was more than ready.  But wait a minute, something is missing.  Greek goddesses have blond hair.  So I ended up going to the mall again to look for a blond wig but never found one. 
Wasn’t it so timely that while discussing this particular run with my friend, she wanted me to wear the hairpiece she used in a costume party while vacationing in Canada.  Oh, my goodness!  What a perfect timing! 
L~R: Running Pinoy, RUNNING DIVA, Tanya Lara of Philippine Star, Kulit Runner, Edward Kho, Vball Runner, Cruise Control, and The Fit Mommy Now

The last time I wore a blond wig I was very young then, may be five or six. It happened in a dance drama presentation wherein the setting is “a child survived a plane crash in an unknown land and was saved by the natives.”  I only had to cry and shout, “Mommy where are you?” Yeah, that was my only part in that production. 

I was at the race venue quite too early.  Not because I was too thrilled but because my appointment and errands finished earlier than expected. While on my way to the race venue and having worn my outfit already, the taxi driver was taken aback when I suddenly spoke in Tagalog.  He mistook me for a foreigner because of my blond hair. Haha! Gotcha!
The road was already closed and that no way for a car to get in near the starting line but shuttle cars are provided to bring runners to where the activity area is.  I noticed right away that only a trickle of runners was wearing their costume.  I couldn’t help but admire though to see almost a hundred percent of the runners wore the singlet of the event.
I went to the baggage area first to deposit my stuff and dropped by at some of the booths.  Scanning the crowd, I couldn’t see familiar faces since most of my blogger friends were not around yet.  I took the opportunity instead to be just an observer and initiated conversation with some runners, who like me, waiting for the event to start.  Some participants arrived in groups and took pictures to keep them busy.  
Some even approached me to have a photo taken with me.  Then blogger Noelle a.k.a. Kikay Runner, who came as Wonder Woman, together with her friend Philip, approached me for some chitchats and some photos of us taken by Philip.  We parted ways when she got thirsty and looked for water to drink.  While outside the corral, an Adobo staff approached me for an interview about my outfit and took photos of me as well.  That was cool! 
Before the 3K gun start, Meralco mascot Kiko roamed around and had photo ops with runners.  Young girls came also as a fairy and as an Egyptian and there was a group of soldiers from the Army who ran with Illac Diaz, Executive Director of the MyShelter Foundation and proponent of the Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light) project.  

Isang Litrong Liwanag Presentation

I really thought that majority of the runners would be running in the 3K category considering that it is a costume run but it turned out there were not too many of them. 

Mr. Diaz gave a short message about the light project before countdown for 5K category started.  I saw some celebrities in the crowd including Art Mendoza  of the “Biggest Loser” Fab Five-Philippine edition, and Rovilson Fernandez among others. 
Hydration was not a problem.  No traffic.  We had all the roads too ourselves.  Some portions of the route though were not properly lighted in spite the fact that organizers had already provided (I don’t know what they call it) big vehicles with their lights on.  To run in a dark path was not a problem for me since I’m already used to running and doing my training at night.  My BDM 102 running experience also helped.  Staff at the water station was courteous. They even cheered on the runners.  I was just maintaining my most comfortable pace since this was just a FUN run for me.  On my way back, I couldn’t help but smile when I was about to overtake a runner, when he suddenly said, “Lakas mo, ah!”  I answered back, “Thank you.”  He tried to pace with me or outpace me but he wasn’t able to run past me.  I thought then, “My training last Wednesday night paid off.  “Yes, I’m slowly gaining back my running pace!” 

I didn’t get to see some of my blogger friends until I reached the baggage area.  I saw Dhenz a.k.a. Running Pinoy and together we went near the stage to join the others. It was nice to see fellow Happy Feeters Sirs Mon and Jesse, Wilbert, Vimz, Art, Bobby, and Tanya.  The emcees called then those who wore their costume to join them on stage.  Two runners won the Best in Costume. 

I stayed a bit longer to watch the presentation and fireworks display. Bobby, together with Vimz and Art, was kind enough to offer me a lift home.  At the parking area, a last-minute request for a photo op with me from a runner culminated the night.

Congratulations to Adobo Team and Edward Kho for a job well done.  Many thanks to Gigi the Fit Mommy Now and Art for the photos.  Thanks to Bobby for the ride home.  Thank you again Adobo for facilitating my registration.
What a FUN time to be a goddess … at least for a night.  Till next time, folks!

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