Mizuno Running Clinic Graduates

Our last day or last Running Clinic session was spent inside Mizuno store for it rained that night. Graduation night, sans the marching and receiving of diplomas, was a huge success with just the photo ops with fellow runners and Coach Ige Lopez (in red shirt). To top it off, Leo Oracion (in white MizunoContinue reading “Mizuno Running Clinic Graduates”

Newbie 101: Before Hitting the Road

So you have finally decided to engage in a sport like running. Running mania hits the streets of Metro Manila, in some parts of the country, and is popular once again. Some say it’s the “IN” thing, “the new badminton” or “the new ballroom.” Just like you I was once a newbie runner. I canContinue reading “Newbie 101: Before Hitting the Road”