Newbie 101: Before Hitting the Road

So you have finally decided to engage in a sport like running. Running mania hits the streets of Metro Manila, in some parts of the country, and is popular once again. Some say it’s the “IN” thing, “the new badminton” or “the new ballroom.”
Just like you I was once a newbie runner. I can still remember well when I started running on my own sometime in 2003, did my daily runs before going to work and signed up for my first 3km-run a year after. I really felt good when I finished that run.
It is truly surprising to know that quite a number of my friends want to try running and probably join races soon. Good news indeed. I’m no expert on what to do but I can only suggest based on my experience as a runner.
Hitting the road is not that easy though. One will experience an awkward jog or difficulty in breathing. It will be like that. One nasty reality your body will be sore or in pain afterwards. I’ve experienced them all. Don’t worry you’ll survive.
First thing first. Go and get your doctor’s clearance before starting especially if you have been sedentary for quite so long or if you have pre-existing medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart problem.
A friend of mine told me that he jogged one time and almost collapsed because he was out of breath. Tsk! Tsk! Don’t do this please. If you are not exercising or have no exercise background at all please walk first. A 30 to 40-minute walking will do wonders to your heart and feet until they get used to it. When this becomes so easy then do slow run and over time you’ll find yourself running.
Every person is unique. Don’t worry if there are fast runners. Find a pace comfortable for you and worry about speed later. Here you need to build your endurance first. Be patient. In due time you’ll learn more about speed, endurance, right running form, and even weight loss. Yeah! You’ll shed off extra pounds. Isn’t that great?
Let’s talk about feet and shoes. Running, just like other sports, can be technical especially with the choice of running shoes. Choose the right fit for your feet. To know what foot type you have, please visit Mizuno at Bonifacio High Street at the Fort, Taguig City. Or, try Athlete’s Foot in Glorietta 3 in Makati. Or, try Adidas at Trinoma in Quezon City. There’s also the Second Wind Running Store in Quezon City. Testing is free! I’ve tried it except the one at Second Wind Running Store. I still have yet to visit that place. Normally, you’ll always be advised to buy a pair of running shoes that offers stability and cushioning. Make sure you’ve got a good pair of running shoes that fit well. Not getting the right fit will eventually lead you to injury. We don’t want that to happen, right?
It’s also important to dress right. Whatever fashion statement you want to make, just make sure you are comfortable on your run. The right running gear can really make a difference in your running life.
In a Nutshell
No one can force you to run. The interest and the drive must come from you. Your goals might not be the same as what I have in mind so running with passion and commitment should come from you. It’s up to you how to sustain it. Let the more professional or elite runners your inspiration. After all, unless you want to be an elite runner, you have no other competitor but yourself.
Good luck and see you in future races soon!

10 thoughts on “Newbie 101: Before Hitting the Road

  1. Nice blog. I hope you don\’t mind my adding your blog to my favorite blog list. Your posts are quite enjoyable to read. This post will be helpful to new runners specially if they follow your advise regarding feet and shoes. I think investing in the proper running shoes is one of the most important things that a new runner should do to be a runner for life. Enjoying your initial run or jog in comfortable running shoes will only make you love running more.


  2. Good tips. It is true that once running becomes a part of your life there are many things to consider–apparel, accessories, training and of course a strong heart.


  3. I agree with you guys. Once it becomes part of your life, tendency is (I don\’t know if this happened to you), you end up visiting sports stores more often. 😀 The bonus is staying fit.


  4. Nice tips for newbies! For dress, stay away from cotton, I remember wearing Condura cotton shirt on one of my runs and ended up with painful nipples! You\’re right on shoes however not sure with MIzuno store, I haven\’t seen any machine there that will allow runners to check their foot. The one in Glorietta at athelete\’s foot is good and so is 2nd wind store in Teacher\’s village. 2nd week of June on BHS, there will be Runnr store which has the most sophisticated foot analysis of all.SamThe Running


  5. Thank you Running Ninja for dropping by. The one at BHS Mizuno is not a machine. It\’s a box-like made of glass. There, you\’ll be asked to step on that box. The Mizuno staff who assisted me was pretty knowledgeable with foot shapes such as low arch, medium arch, and high arch. Check it out!


  6. Hi Roselle,Nice meeting you last Sat. Finally, got the chance to visit your blog. Good tips! Newbies like me are hungry for running tips. See you again this Sat. I guess. 😉 -Mariel


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