Simulator Run for Marathon Success

Just like any performance—be it recital, concert, musical competition, etc.—needs dress rehearsal. In marathons we call this as a “simulator run”. It prepares the runner’s body and mind for the race.

How to be successful on race day? Schedule simulator run at least four to five weeks before the marathon. If you have access to race map online, download it, and familiarize yourself with the racecourse. Timeliness is important. If race day starts at 4AM, then, do it same time during the simulator run. Be observant. Ask the organizer where would be the distance markers be placed so you’ll have an idea what to expect on race day itself. Most importantly, stay on pace. It means, run at your goal race pace. If your target is, say, 4 hours and 30 minutes (4:30) try to stay on that pace.

Numbers Trivia

Official Distance for a Marathon
42.195 kilometers or 26 miles 385 yards, or exactly 267⁄32 miles

Fastest Time, World Record for a Marathon (Men)
2:03.59 Haile Gebrselassie( Ethiopia), Berlin Marathon, 28 Sept. 2008

Fastest Time, World Record for a Marathon (Women)
2:15.25 Paula Radcliffe (Great Britain), London Marathon, 13 Apr. 2003

World Record for a Half Marathon (Men)
58:33 Samuel Wanjiru (Kenya), Netherlands, 17 Mar. 2007

World Record for a Half Marathon (Women)
1:06.25 Lornah Kiplagat (Netherlands), Italy, 14 Oct. 2007

4 thoughts on “Simulator Run for Marathon Success

  1. Nicely said po. On my Half Marathon debut, I did not know what to expect.. kakayanin ko ba? Will I be strong mentally in case my body complains? To answer my questions before the race, I did a 21K simulation run. True enough, I finished the race just like I did in the simulation run. But faster on the race 😉


  2. Thank you Kastilyong Lapis for visiting this site. I visited your site and you have quite an impressive training plan for a half-marathon. I can see a very strong finish for you. Your 10k time is quite fast too. Try to visit Bald Runner's site. Read the post on how to compute finishing time for a 21k and 42k. Don't neglect the meat of endurance–long run on a weekend. Carry on!


  3. Jayson, your trial runs have provided very strong splits. Your main problem would be the 17k onwards mark, both mentally and physically if you are not used to the distance. Sel thanks for sharing and good trivia! Grabe Sub 60 HM aahahaha 🙂


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