Five Years of Blogging

July 2012 – Five years ago, one night on July 2007, I explored the Net and tried so hard to learn the basics of blogging. And, after a grueling 48 hours of tinkering the computer, RUNNING DIVA the blog was born.  

This is my 446th blog post.  What started as a personal (and secret) journal or medium where I could pen my thoughts on my running experiences has become an integral part of my life.  

In summary, I have run a total of 100 races within the five-year period—four ultramarathons, six marathons, twenty half marathons, thirty-three 10Ks, fourteen 5Ks, two aquathlons, one barefoot, three special short distances, two 32Ks, one 30K, one 25K, four 16Ks, nine 15Ks—where it only started with a 3K race in 2003 and the rest is history.

Through this blog, I came to know so many wonderful friends and readers.  My heartfelt gratitude, appreciation, and thanks for all the support.  It has given me so much and I hope that you have been inspired in some way by this blog.     

15 thoughts on “Five Years of Blogging

  1. Congratulations Running Diva. I follow your blog and it has inspired me to have my own running blog. More running and blogging for you.


  2. Thank you, Bicolano Penguin for following this blog. Good luck on your blogging and I'm sure in turn you'll also inspire more people to lead healthy lifestyle. I visited Bicol before. I had a nice time and found halo-halo in Tiwi really delicious, plus the native products in Daraga so affordable.


  3. Hi Running Diva. We actually ran together for a handful of kilometers at the 2010 Tagaytay2Nasugbu. I slowed you down a bit. Until now, I run slow but I run longer now, having barely survived the 2012 BDM 102Km ultra. Reading running blogs like yours continue to inspire me to go for more running.


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