Are You Game? I’m Game!

20 May 2012 – It’s not what you are thinking.  Nope.  I didn’t grace the cover of the Women’s Health (WH) magazine.  This was a freebie taken at a photo booth during the first-ever Are You Game? event last Saturday, May 19 at Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City.  The sun shone brightly that afternoon, but thankfully the weather later was extremely cooperative.

The leading lifestyle publication for women’s wellness and fitness, WH Philippines reached out to quite a number of Pinays searching for ways to get fit and healthy with its Are You Game? event.  

Are You Game? is the signature event of WH International held in New York, Chicago, Sydney, and now, for the very first time in Manila. “The many innovative, fun, alternative workouts, and fitness partners convinced us that the Philippines is ready for Are You Game?,”  says WH team publisher Christine Ongteco. 

Women’s Health Editor-in-chief Lara Parpan notes that, “Getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle not just a fad. “Are You Game?” introduces our readers to many ways of getting to their weight loss and wellness goals in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment.” 

For one to join this event, you only need to present the May issue of WH magazine, register, and get your passport to all freebies, access to all workouts, and fun activities.

I, together with Bards aka Banana Running as my partner and with other ladies, tried various workouts like Partner Yoga, a yoga routine that combines Thai massage, yoga, and the dynamic power of acrobatics.  Knowing that I was not that flexible as Bards and since I haven’t done yoga before, I chickened out from doing the acrobatic part.  What I loved most was when I had the chance to use the Kangoo Jump shoes and did some dance workouts with Queenie.  We were bouncing the whole time.  It was really fun!  The ladies who led the workout told me that they\’ve even used the shoes in one of the fun runs. So it’s no longer running but also bouncing your way to the finish line.  Hmm, an interesting idea, but I don’t know.

Others tried their way to weight loss with a tailor-fit Model’s Runway workout. The ladies were also taught how to make healthier meals through food preparation demos and select a customizable workout routine for their body through one-on-one sessions with WH fitness and nutrition experts. There were also fun activities such as the bungee trampoline, surf machine (I tried this one but I can only say one thing…balancing is no easy feat! I gave up! Haha!), and bull riding.  There was also total body training via TRX Body Blast and Rip Training, which works on strength, balance, flexibility and core stability which I didn’t get to try.  But I did try the Kettlebell exercises and workouts.  The next day it left my muscles sore and aching.  Oh, my…

Co-presenter Gatorade low carb also invited the ladies to dance their way through chart topping club tunes with Gatorade Low Carb Cardio Mash-up along with some celebrities present in the event.  

After Kangoo jumps, we’re waiting for Techno Rave to start, which was supposed to be the last cardio fix dance workout, unfortunately, it rained all of a sudden.  

I hope that WH will bring this event next year.  I wish them to include Zumba next time. 

Overall, the event was successful.  I had Karina of WH and Que of to thank for.  Their persistence to invite me really paid off.   Many thanks, too, to Bards and Noelle for the photos.

Thank you, ladies!  And super-duper thanks to Women’s Health! Cheers!

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