From Treadmill To Road Running

“What is that sport where one doesn’t need a team, not-so-expensive, a good way to keep fit, and where one can do it any time, anywhere?”

This was the question I asked myself back then. And the only answer I could think of was running.
In running, all I could do was tie my shoes. Voilà! There I was running to my heart’s content anywhere my feet would bring me.This love for running, it all started by exercising on a treadmill. One of the advantages of using a treadmill is its various speed programs of terrain that would best fit one’s needs and comfort.

Despite its many advantages, working out on treadmill can be quite boring and monotonous, especially, when all you see is yourself on the mirror the whole time.

In the end, the actual environment, feel of fresh air, and the outdoors brought me to where I am now in road running.

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