Zoot Women’s Ultra Kapilani Shoe Review and Giveaway

I used to wear stability running shoes some years ago because my foot strike needs to be corrected.  Selecting the right running shoe, which functions as your second foot by the way, requires a bit of skills and experience through trial and error.  It’s like, as what I have written before, a quest for the Holy Grail.  SoContinue reading “Zoot Women’s Ultra Kapilani Shoe Review and Giveaway”

Mizuno Wave Prophecy Shoe Review

Finally, it has arrived!  The prophecy has been fulfilled!  Two months ago, I was one of those lucky enough to be given a pair of running shoe by Mizuno.  I first used Mizuno Wave Creation 9 in 2008. I never had any problem with it.  The feel of wearing Mizuno pair seemed like wearing aContinue reading “Mizuno Wave Prophecy Shoe Review”