Zoot Women’s Ultra Kapilani Shoe Review and Giveaway

I used to wear stability running shoes some years ago because my foot strike needs to be corrected.  Selecting the right running shoe, which functions as your second foot by the way, requires a bit of skills and experience through trial and error.  It’s like, as what I have written before, a quest for the Holy Grail.  So when I finally found the perfect pair, I stick with it and just make an upgrade whenever my old pair is all worn-out from racing and training or when an updated model is released in the market. Currently, I’m using neutral running shoes.  

I recently got a pair of Zoot shoes.  This is my first Zoot product. Thanks to Light ‘N Up Marketing, exclusive distributor of Zoot in the Philippines, for having me in their product launch event.  Initially, my reaction was a-woohoo-oops-sort-of-thing feeling the first time I saw the shoes.  However, the fleeting reaction was replaced by admiration when I finally had the chance to break them in.  Don’t judge the book by its cover, a cliché, but true.

Here are my observations.  I like the asymmetrical lacing, which provides a glove like fit.  It gives me an option to either use it with or without socks.  I prefer the former though. 

I think the shoe is also ideal for multisport activity such as aquathlon, or triathlon, thus making transition easy.  Cushioning is OK.  Its reflective accents and shoe color are like a glow-in-the-dark stuff that add style and safety specifically during nighttime workouts, which is perfect for me since I do my training after work.   

It also has a lot of open mesh which makes an easy fit for wide width feet and to some degree, prevents foot pain caused by a bump at the base of the big toe.  Distance covered during the breaking in period is 25 kilometers.  Also, I have worn it during my running workouts on the oval track.  

To top it off, the Zoot pair is a good companion when training, thus it alternates my chosen brand.  So far, so good. 

The only drawback, I guess, is that I am already foreseeing stubborn dirt stains when there’s a sudden shower or if I step into a dirty puddle during a race or a running workout. Yay!

Difficult spot or dirt on the mesh of a nice white/metallic shoe can put a scowl on even the most optimistic runner’s face.  Still I’m very glad I tried it. 

Thank you, Zoot, for the opportunity!

2 thoughts on “Zoot Women’s Ultra Kapilani Shoe Review and Giveaway

  1. I never really paid much attention as to what running shoes to wear, as long as it provides the comfortable cushioning for a beginner like me and the sole does not fall off lol! To date, I still only have one pair of running shoes hehehe. But that's because I'm not running as often as you do. Yup, I also like to have clean, spotless-looking (if possible) running shoes. That's why I didn't get one that's white…mine's gray with green laces and accents.


  2. New to running then, like you, I didn't know anything about running shoes until I was introduced to running longer distances and got to train more. Understand technical running shoes you may want to try first the free gait analysis offered at Riovana and RUNNR.


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