Mizuno Wave Prophecy Shoe Review

Finally, it has arrived!  The prophecy has been fulfilled! 
Two months ago, I was one of those lucky enough to be given a pair of running shoe by Mizuno.  I first used Mizuno Wave Creation 9 in 2008. I never had any problem with it.  The feel of wearing Mizuno pair seemed like wearing a pair of high-heeled shoe which to me a plus factor. 
The updated model, Wave Creation 11, became my running shoe even during my initial attempts with ultra distance running.  In fact, I used it in my 21K races, ultra marathons—PAU 65K and the first 50 kilometers at the Bataan Death March (BDM) 102KM race—and during my training prior to BDM 102.  I was planning to buy a new pair of the same model but luck is with me, I guess, when I finally received Mizuno’s newest top of the line, Wave Prophecy.
Breaking in shoes – 10.02KM – August 2 – drizzle to rain shower
Training (flat to slight uphill) – 12.58KM – August 9 – Dry
Training (flat to slight uphill) – 5.5KM warm up + 1.5KM drill – August 12 – Dry
Training – 840m warm up + drills + 150m x 10 speed work + core training + 1.5KM cool down – August 17 – Dry
Race (Run United 2) – 21KM – August 21 – Dry
The first time I wore the pair, I had blisters on the back of my ankles. I had myself to blame for I wore a pair of low cut socks instead of ankle-length socks. Also,  I felt a slight pain or pressure across the middle of my foot and it was uncomfortable.  To remedy, I just adjusted the shoe laces to prevent lace pressure.  I like its red hot pink color (even though green is still my fave color) and the bouncy feel when running. I didn’t have any problem with its weight since I’ve been used to wearing Mizuno shoes for the past three years.  Overall, I would say that these two shoe models–the Creation and Prophecy–work for me.  
Finding the right pair, as mentioned by famous runner/author Jeff Galloway in his running book, is like looking for the Holy Grail.  Truly, I couldn’t agree more.  
Tip on Shoe Shopping
Please read Chapter 23, Jeff Galloway’s Book on Running, 2nd ed.

Many thanks to Mizuno, Jai, and Timmy for fulfilling the prophecy!  

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