RUNNING DIVAs and the Running Skirt

It’s like a popular title of a book, “East Meets West.” Thanks to the power of technology we call Internet. It connects people from other parts of the world. It leads to people with common passion.I’ve met other running divas, two of them, albeit virtually.

(Left photo: The Running Diva from Canada)

I can still remember the day when Pojie aka Forefoot Runner told me at’s shout box that there’s another Running Diva.If I remember right, I think I told him, “Yes, there are so many running divas out there.” When he gave me the link, betcha by golly wow, I was astonished by what this runner has achieved. She’s a pro! A word-class athlete! To top it off, she’s an opera singer.

This blog has a widget that shows links to followers. The first ever follower of this blog was Ms. Nora aka Life Begins at 50. “Thank you, Ms. Nora.But when I saw more and more followers, oh well, I decided to add it as one of the features of this blog.

(Right photo: Running Diva Mom from the US)

One day, I was surprised to see a follower whose moniker is Running Diva Mom. Wow! A diva mom. She can run fast. She has over three hundred followers. Awesome, right?! Her fave running gears are Bondi Bands and running skirts. In this photo, she’s wearing the animal print running skirt.

Running is my me time and it makes me a better mommy,” her blog says.

Music. Skirt. Training. Races. Blog. Personal Best. Diva. Running. These are some of the things that connect us as a running diva. I’m sure there are still other running divas out there. Imagine seeing divas on the run and in skirts…

Talking of running skirt, it’s so timely that I came across with an article about women who run in skirts. According to Runner’s World (RW), some people were thrilled about the idea but others think that women who wear running skirts are considered not-so-serious-athletes. Hhmm.

Anyhow, the pros and cons are discussed so well. But what sparked my interest was the author’s conclusion about the issue. And, I quote RW’s author, Kristin Armstrong:

I have to admit that I still love my shorts and my half-tights. But one of the best things about being a woman today is that we have so many options. Whether we are in the boardroom, on the home front, or on the starting line, we can bring it on like a man, but it doesn’t mean we have to look like one.”

Survey says

Have you ever run in a running skirt?

50% *No, and I never will
25% No, but I’d consider it
13% Yes, on occasion
11% Yes, I wear them all the time
1% Yes, but I won’t wear one again

*Poll not restricted to women; results may be skewed. Based on 1,492 votes at (Source: The Rise of Skirt Culture, by Kristin Armstrong, RW, published 28 Aug. 2008)

Comments about running skirts

22% Say skirts feel much better than shorts
18% Think women shouldn’t be so focused on their looks
17% Will never go back to running shorts
15% Love how they look in a skirt
15% Believe real runners don’t wear skirts
13% Wear skirts because they’re “thighly blessed
(Source: Running Commentary, RW, October 2008)

6 thoughts on “RUNNING DIVAs and the Running Skirt

  1. big cheer and more power to all running divas! seems a long time since we saw each other last Roselle. hope to bump into you soon at the races! take care and God bless! – Mariel


  2. Hi Hotlegs Runner! Good to hear from you! Still running out there? Hope you are. I'm interested to order from you. It's difficult to find a good one here. NB recently didn't have any running skirts in their stores. Mostly tennis skirts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW, thanks for dropping by.


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